Exposures Sample Clauses

Exposures. (a) If the Company writes Covered Policies before June 1 of the Contract Year, the Company shall report to the SBA, unless otherwise provided in Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C., no later than the statutorily required date of September 1 of the Contract Year, by ZIP Code or other limited geographical area as specified by the SBA, its insured values under Covered Policies as of June 30 of the Contract Year as outlined in the annual reporting of insured values form, FHCF-D1A (Data Call) adopted for the Contract Year under Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C., and other data or information in the format specified by the SBA.
Exposures. An exposure ("Exposure") occurs upon: (i) the serving up to an end user of the Premier Graphic on the top of a Stack as described in sections 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4; (ii) an end user clicking on a link programmed by Netscape directly to Premier Provider's search functionality on Premier Provider's Web Site (excluding Premier Links) or executing a search query directed to Premier Provider's Web Site from any location on Netscape's Web Site with search functionality other than the Page; (iii) the Page when accessed by a click from the Bookmark; (iv) a link through a disabling device only if and to the extent permitted under Section 6.3; or (v) any other Premier Provider content as a consequence of an end user accessing a promotional page on Netscape's Web Site if the parties agree that such promotional page traffic will constitute an Exposure.
Exposures a. County will use Riskonnect RCMIS to track exposures such as headcount by Agency, payroll by Division, miles driven by Department, vehicles assigned by Agency, etc.
Exposures. The EMPLOYER agrees that EMPLOYEES exposed to infectious diseases, hazardous substances, toxic fumes, paint, radiation, etc., shall be given an appropriate physical evaluation as soon as practicable. The EMPLOYER will maintain an up-to-date Hazardous Materials Exposure record for all bargaining unit EMPLOYEES. The EMPLOYER agrees to provide the UNION a copy of this record upon request with the employee’s written request to release.
Exposures. To emulate exposures involving mpk∗, he calls the IND-CCA corrupt oracle. A
Exposures. The Saudi-specific risk score developed by Xxxxxx, et al. contains four predictor variables: age, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and waist circumference, with a total possible score ranging from 0 – 21 points. Table 1 shows how each exposure variable was defined and weighted for each risk score. The Finnish risk score contains eight predictor variables: age, body mass index, family history of diabetes, waist circumference, use of anti- hypertensive medication, history of elevated blood glucose, daily physical activity and daily consumption of fruit and vegetables, with a total possible score ranging from 0 – 27 points. The Canadian risk score contains the eight variables used in the Finnish risk score in addition to macrosomia, gender, race, and education level, with a total possible score ranging from 0 – 72 points (Memish et al., 2015; Finnish Diabetes Association; Public Health Association of Canada, 2011). In order to calculate each participant’s risk using the SHIS data, all continuous variables were converted into categorical variables, so they could be assigned a score. The scores of each individual risk factor were added together to come up with an overall risk score. This was done for all three risk scores. Risk factors used in our analyses and their original classification in the SHIS data are described below in greater detail.
Exposures. For hijacked adds of id or updates by id, clearly cannot compute id’s secret state upon exposure. We note that this is not necessary, since id never processes such welcome, respectively, commit message. F

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  • Letter of Credit Amounts Unless otherwise specified herein, the amount of a Letter of Credit at any time shall be deemed to be the stated amount of such Letter of Credit in effect at such time; provided, however, that with respect to any Letter of Credit that, by its terms or the terms of any Issuer Document related thereto, provides for one or more automatic increases in the stated amount thereof, the amount of such Letter of Credit shall be deemed to be the maximum stated amount of such Letter of Credit after giving effect to all such increases, whether or not such maximum stated amount is in effect at such time.