Public body definition

Public body means a devolved public body listed in Schedule 3 of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000, as amended.
Public body means the State or any agency or instrumentality of the State;
Public body means any of the following:

Examples of Public body in a sentence

  • IT IS FURTHER ORDAINED THAT, notwithstanding any provision of law, regulation or policy to the contrary, any deadlines requiring action by a Public Body or any Cityofficers (including Constitutional Officers) or City employees, within a period of sixty (60) or fewer days, shall be suspended during this emergency and disaster.

  • I cannot completely discount this argument without knowing the factual underpinnings for it, which the Public Body has not provided.

  • The Public Body also provided me and the Applicant with a new copy of the records at issue at that time; in this copy, the Public Body disclosed most of the information in the records, with only discrete items of information withheld.

  • I will therefore order the Public Body to make this determination again, with a view to the guidance provided in this Order.

  • Delivering our Change ProgrammesThe transition to an Executive Agency: Since its inception on 1 April 2013 the Agency has completed its transition from a Non- Departmental Public Body to an Executive Agency of the MoJ.

More Definitions of Public body

Public body means any legislative, executive or judicial body, agency, office, department, authority,
Public body means the State or any officer, board or
Public body means any legislative, executive or judicial body, agency, office, department, authority, post, commission, committee, institution, board or political subdivision created by law to exercise some sovereign power or to perform some governmental duty, and empowered by law to undertake the activities described in this chapter.
Public body means any legal entity established as such by national law, and international organisations;
Public body means any legislative body, authority, board, bureau, commission, district or agency of the Commonwealth or of any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, including cities, towns and counties, municipal councils, governing bodies of counties, school boards and planning commissions; boards of visitors of public institutions of higher education; and other organizations, corporations or agencies in the Commonwealth supported wholly or principally by public funds. It shall include (i) the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program and its board of directors established pursuant to Chapter 50 (§ 38.2-5000 et seq.) of Title 38.2 and (ii) any committee, subcommittee, or other entity however designated, of the public body created to perform delegated functions of the public body or to advise the public body. It shall not exclude any such committee, subcommittee or entity because it has private sector or citizen members. Corporations organized by the Virginia Retirement System are "public bodies" for purposes of this chapter.
Public body means any state or local legislative or governing body, including a board, commission, committee, subcommittee, authority, or council, that is empowered by state constitution, statute, charter, ordinance, resolution, or rule to exercise governmental or proprietary authority or perform a governmental or proprietary function; a lessee of such a body performing an essential public purpose and function pursuant to the lease agreement; or the board of a nonprofit corporation formed by a city under section 4o of the home rule city act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.4o.
Public body means the state or any municipality, county, village, board, commission, authority, district or any other subdivision or public body of the state.