Rent and Other Charges Sample Clauses

Rent and Other Charges. Base Rent, Taxes, Operating Expenses, and any other amounts which Tenant is or becomes obligated to pay Landlord under this Lease or other agreement entered into in connection herewith, are sometimes herein referred to collectively as "Rent," and all remedies applicable to the non-payment of Rent shall be applicable thereto. Rent shall be paid at any office maintained by Landlord or its agent at the Property, or at such other place as Landlord may designate.
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Rent and Other Charges. (a) Lessee agrees to pay Lessor monthly rental and other payments according to the Schedules and this Agreement. The monthly payments will be in the amount listed as the “Total Monthly Rental Including Additional Services” on the applicable Schedule (with any portion of such amount identified as a charge for maintenance services under Section 4 of the applicable Schedule being payable to Lessor as agent for Enterprise Fleet Management, Inc.) and will be due and payable in advance on the first day of each month. If a Vehicle is delivered to Lessee on any day other than the first day of a month, monthly rental payments will begin on the first day of the next month. In addition to the monthly rental payments, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor a pro-rated rental charge for the number of days that the Delivery Date precedes the first monthly rental payment date. A portion of each monthly rental payment, being the amount designated as “Depreciation Reserve” on the applicable Schedule, will be considered as a reserve for depreciation and will be credited against the Delivered Price of the Vehicle for purposes of computing the Book Value of the Vehicle under Section 3(c). Lessee agrees to pay Lessor the “Total Initial Charges” set forth in each Schedule on the due date of the first monthly rental payment under such Schedule. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor the “Service Charge Due at Lease Termination” set forth in each Schedule at the end of the applicable Term (whether by reason of expiration, early termination or otherwise).
Rent and Other Charges a. The Contract Rent established for the dwelling unit is $ per month. The Contract Rent is equal to the Gross Rent.
Rent and Other Charges. Following the Commencement of this Agreement, and until it is legally ended in accordance with the rules stipulated below, the Tenant is obliged to pay the Rent in full and on the dates agreed as well as other applicable charges including Council Tax
Rent and Other Charges. 4.1 The rent is £ per calendar month payable monthly (in advance). The first payment will be paid at date of entry or before and subsequent payments are due and must be paid on or before the same date of each calendar month thereafter.
Rent and Other Charges. Unpaid Rent Actual amount+ late fee as specified in lease Incoming Wire Transfer fee $20 Returned check fee $35 Miscellaneous charges/fees Actual amount +10% fee City fines or fees Actual Amount +$25 Review CCTV footage $50 per hour, minimum 1 hour. Sublet Processing Fee $10 Lease Assignment Fee $25 Stop Payment Fee for lost refund checks $35 Overstay lease fee: $25 per hour, up to $300 per day, plus reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees if it is necessary to commence legal proceedings to remove the Tenant from the apartment, and as a result of any third party claim against the Landlord for failure to deliver the unit in a timely fashion. After Hours Lock Outs $100 per incident Lock Change and installation $125 per lock (Lost keys, keys not returned at the end of lease date) Proximity Reader Tag $20 per tag Miscellaneous spare keys $20 per key Retrieve keys from elevator shaft $50 per incident Smoking Violation $250 per incident, + cleaning/damage fees Extermination Fees Actual Amount +$25 FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, FIXTURES (missing or damaged): Includes removal/disposal of damaged item, installation of new item. Sofa $1200 Easy Chair $750 Dining Table $500 Bed/Mattress $600 Dresser $600 Coffee or end table $300 Dining/desk chair $200 Barstool $100 Desk $540 Bookcase $300 Sofa Cushions $250 each Desk chair cushions $75 Stove/Oven $600 Dishwasher $1000 Washer/Dryer $1500 Microwave $200 Air Conditioner $700 A/C Cover $85 Refrigerator, Under 10 cubic feet $800 Mini-Fridge $250 Refrigerator, Over 10 cubic feet $1000 Window Fan $75 Toilet $600 Toilet Seat $45 Towel Bar $50 Tub/Shower Bathroom Mirror $1200 $250 each Sink $525 Toilet Paper Holder $50 TV Actual Cost +25% Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm $75 Light Fixture, normal incandescent $75 Light Fixture, normal fluorescent $150 Light Fixture, special $150 and up CLEANING: Dirty Kitchen $150 Dirty Bathroom $150 General Cleaning $50 per room/hall Trash Hauling/disposal $40 per bag Steam Cleaning excessively dirty carpet $150 Removal/disposal of bulky items (furniture/boxes/large items) $50 per item MISCELLANEOUS REPAIRS. Includes removal/disposal of damaged item, installation of new item, clean-up. Wall painting excessively scuffed or dirty walls $100 per wall/ceiling, max $350 per room Repair wall damage from strip lights, tape, command hooks, broken hooks, poster putty, or other residue $150 per wall (Includes painting) Repair holes in wall (Includes painting) Small: under 10 square inches $150 Medium: 11-35 square i...
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Rent and Other Charges. During the term, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord the Rent described in Appendix A, attached hereto
Rent and Other Charges. 1.1 Once this Agreement has commenced and until it is legally ended the Tenant must:
Rent and Other Charges. 3.1 The rent under the Tenancy Agreement accrues weekly in advance and it will be collected as defined in the Tenancy Agreement. The total rent for the Tenancy Period is the rent specified in the Tenancy Agreement.
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