DRAFT Sample Clauses

DRAFT. Grade and shape the road surface, turnouts, and shoulders to the original shape on the as directed, to provide a smooth, rut-free traveled surface and maintain surface water runoff in an even, unconcentrated manner.  Blading shall not undercut the backslope or cut into geotextile fabric on the road.  If required by the Contract Administrator, water shall be applied as necessary to control dust and retain fine surface rock.  Surface material shall not be bladed off the roadway. Replace surface material when lost or worn away , or as directed by the Contract Administrator.  Remove shoulder berms, created by grading, to facilitate drainage, except as marked or directed by the Contract Administrator.  For roads with geotextile fabric: spread surface aggregate to fill in soft spots and wheel ruts (barrel spread) to prevent damage to the geotextile fabric.
DRAFT. 2. The Consultant shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical adequacy and accuracy, timely completion and coordination of all plans, designs, drawings, specifications, reports and other services prepared or performed pursuant to this Agreement. The Consultant shall perform its Work in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement and pursuant to the standards of professional care, skill, diligence and competence as are normally exercised by other members and/or firms of the profession in good standing working under the same or similar conditions and circumstances and in similar communities as the services provided by the Consultant under this Agreement. The Consultant shall be responsible for the professional standards, performance, and actions of all persons and firms performing Work pursuant to this Agreement on behalf of Consultant. The Consultant shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise any errors, omissions or other deficiencies in such plans, designs, drawings, specifications, reports, and other services not in compliance with the requirements of this Agreement and/or not meeting the Consultant's professional standards of care, skill, diligence and competence for the Work to be performed for this project; and ConsultantName shall promptly reimburse the County for any and all costs or damages incurred by the County, including but not limited to the cost to redesign the project and the cost to repair or replace the defective in-place Work. The County shall also have the right to deduct from payments to the Consultant any costs or damages incurred by the County, or which may be incurred by the County, as a result of the Consultant’s failure to comply with the requirements of the Agreement or failure to meet the professional standard of care and skill, or both.
DRAFT. Cabin Personnel will be subject to the draft procedures outlined in Article B9 - Draft, for flights departing from either Mirabel or Dorval Airport.
DRAFT. It is sent to Client when all tests have been passed. Client will give its approval. Then any modification then will have an exrta cost.
DRAFT. 2. The Consultant may disclose information and documentation to individuals who have a substantial need to know regarding the specific information in question in connection with the Consultant’s exercise of rights or performance of obligations under this Agreement. The Consultant shall inform its subconsultants, employees, and representatives of their obligations under this Agreement and instruct them so as to ensure such obligations are met. If so requested by the Project Representative, the Consultant further agrees to require its subconsultants and individuals performing services pursuant to this Agreement to execute a Confidentiality Agreement.
DRAFT. 5.3 If the DAP elects to refuse its consent, the DAP is not required to give reasons for the refusal.
DRAFT. 24 g. TENANT may display the flag of the United States, made of cloth, fabric or paper, from a pole, staff or in a 25 window, and in accordance with 4 USC Chapter 1. LANDLORD may, at its option, with 30 daysnotice to 26 TENANT, adopt additional reasonable rules and regulations governing the display of the flag of the United States.
DRAFT. On occasion, HEBP, in its role as Claims Administrator, may deny all or part of submitted claims. HEBP will provide a full and fair review of any determination of a claim, any determination of a request for precertification, and any other determination made as the Claims Administrator in accordance with the benefits and procedures detailed in Member’s Plan. HEBP will use its best efforts, consistent with administrative practices and any procedures established in writing between HEBP and the Plan and consistent with industry standards, to accurately process all claims.