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Appendices. Appendices referred to in this contract and attached to it are considered part of it. ARTICLE 2.
Appendices. 23.01 Attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement are the following appendices and Letters of Understanding: Appendix 1 O.N.A. Grievance Form Appendix 2 List of Professional Responsibility Assessment Committee - Chairpersons Appendix 3 Salary Schedule Appendix 4 Superior Conditions - If Any Appendix 5 Appendix of Local Provisions Appendix 6 O.N.A. Professional Responsibility Complaint Form Appendix 7 Letters of Understanding Letter of Understanding Re Workload Measurement Tools Letter of Understanding Re Mentorship Guidelines Letter of Understanding Re Paid Education Leave Letter of Understanding Re Part-time Voluntary Benefits Letter of Understanding Re Supernumerary Positions Letter of Understanding Re HOODIP Redesign APPENDIX 1 O.N.A. GRIEVANCE FORM APPENDIX 2 LIST OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE - CHAIRPERSONS
Appendices. The Appendices referred to in this Agreement are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as this Agreement.
Appendices. All Appendices to this Agreement shall form an integral part to this Agreement.
Appendices. The designation of each Series of VMTP Shares subject to this Statement shall be set forth in an Appendix to this Statement. The Board of Trustees may, by resolution duly adopted, without shareholder approval (except as otherwise provided by this Statement or required by applicable law) (1) amend the Appendix to this Statement relating to a Series so as to reflect any amendments to the terms applicable to such Series including an increase in the number of authorized shares of such Series and (2) add additional Series of VMTP Shares by including a new Appendix to this Statement relating to such Series.
Appendices. The following Appendices constitute a part of this Agreement and are incorporated into this Agreement by reference: Appendix I Form of Letter of Credit Appendix II Initial Energy Delivery Date Confirmation Letter Appendix III Form of Progress Report Appendix IV Construction Start and Commercial Operation Certification Forms and Procedures Appendix IV-1 Construction Start Form of Certification Appendix IV-2 Commercial Operation Certification Procedure Attachment A Commercial Operation Form of Certification Appendix V GEP Damages Calculation Appendix VI Notification Requirements for Available Capacity and Project Outages Appendix VII Form of Financing Consent to Assignment Attachment A Financing Consent Termination Notice Appendix VIII Seller Documentation Condition Precedent Appendix IX Form of Actual Availability Report Attachment A Form of Actual Availability Report Appendix X Telemetry Parameters for Solar Facility Appendix XI Form of Letter of Concurrence Appendix XII Supplier Diversity Program Appendix XIII Project Specifications Appendix XIV Section 3.3(e) Liquidated Damages Calculation POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT COVER SHEET This Power Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a California corporation (“Buyer” or “PG&E”), and ___________________ [insert name of Seller], a ________________________________________________________ [include place of formation and business type] (“Seller”), as of the Execution Date. The information contained in this Cover Sheet shall be completed by Seller and incorporated into the Agreement.