Information and Documentation Sample Clauses

Information and Documentation. Company shall provide any information and/or documentation that Nortel reasonably requests from Company and that is necessary for Nortel to properly perform any of its obligations hereunder. Such information shall be provided in a form reasonably specified by Nortel by the dates specified by Nortel.
Information and Documentation. The Supplier shall notify the Buyer without undue delay if it becomes apparent that valid agreements, e.g. quality assurances, deadlines or delivery volumes, cannot be satisfied. The Supplier shall notify the Buyer without undue delay of any deviations identified after shipping has taken place. The Supplier shall disclose all necessary data and facts in the interests of finding a prompt solution. The Supplier undertakes, prior to - changes in the product or packaging - changes in the manufacturing processes, procedures or materials (also when initiated by subsuppliers) - changes in subsuppliers - changes in test procedures/facilities - relocation of production sites - relocation of production facilities at the same site, to obtain the approval of the Buyer and to provide proof of the quality that is agreed in this regard. Insofar as the Supplier makes any of the aforementioned changes without the approval of the Buyer, the Buyer is entitled to serve immediate notice of termination to all current supply contracts. Where notice of termination is served in these cases, the Supplier shall have no right to compensation. The first three deliveries after the start of the series and the aforementioned changes must be labelled as such in the delivery documents/on the transport labels. The Supplier will document all changes to the product and the process chain in a product lifecycle, which it shall submit to Buyer upon instruction. The Supplier shall introduce suitable work instructions to control all documents and data. Documents of external origin, such as standards and customer drawings, shall be included to an adequate extent. The mandatory retention period for documents is at least 15 years, which shall begin with the final delivery from series production.
Information and Documentation. In order to process a withdrawal, BCLC may require information and documentation from you that it considers necessary or advisable in its sole discretion, including information and documentation BCLC determines necessary or advisable to:
Information and Documentation. If it becomes apparent that SUPPLIER cannot meet its supply obligations regarding, for example, quality features, schedules, delivery quantities, or packaging requirements, the SUPPLIER shall so inform BOSCH immediately. The SUPPLIER shall also inform BOSCH immediately of any deviations identified after delivery. The SUPPLIER shall disclose all relevant data and facts in the interest of a speedy resolution. The SUPPLIER shall inform BOSCH well in advance of Changing the product or packaging; Changing sub-suppliers; Relocating or setting up production sites; or to allow BOSCH to verify the change to confirm it has no negative impact to its products. There will be no obligation to inform where such changes pertain to non-Bosch-specific catalog goods or were SUPPLIER can assure, after thoroughly evaluation, that there will be no effect on BOSCH. The SUPPLIER shall document all changes to the product including any validations and present this document to BOSCH upon request. There shall be a minimum archiving period of 10 years for all documentation and drawings relating to the partiesagreements and the products SUPPLIER provides to BOSCH, commencing on the date of the final series production delivery. Documents and drawings must be archived and disposed of in such a way that they cannot be accessed by third parties.
Information and Documentation. Purchaser agrees to supply IPA, upon request, with such information and documentation, including opinions of counsel for Purchaser, as IPA shall reasonably determine to be necessary to facilitate the issuance of Renewal Contract Project Indebtedness for the purposes described in this Section 15.
Information and Documentation. If it is identified that arranged agreements such as quality features, capabilities, dates and supply quantities cannot be met, the SUPPLIER will inform ISH immediately in writing. The SUPPLIER will also notify ISH about all identified discrepancies after delivery. In the mutual interest of damage avoidance / limitation, the SUPPLIER will disclose all necessary details and facts. The SUPPLIER is obliged to submit an application for changes to ISH before • quality influenced changes to production procedures, processes and materials (including by sub-suppliers) • change of sub-suppliers • changes to test procedures / facilities • relocating production sites • relocating production facilities on site so that ISH can check whether the planned changes may have negative repercussions. The SUPPLIER will design the layout of documentation according to the instructions provided by ISH. The SUPPLIER will only undertake the requested changes after approval of the application by ISH. The SUPPLIER will keep records about the implementation of quality assurance measures with particular reference to measurement values and test results and will store the records and samples of products in a safe place. The SUPPLIER is required to store documents and records for a minimum of 15 years after completion of R&D projects. It is the supplier`s responsibility to store all legal documents related to production programs for a minimum of 15 years after production life span ends.
Information and Documentation. USAC imposes strict deadlines on responding to information requests. Unless otherwise specified, Client shall provide all information, documentation and data requested by EFG within five (5) Client business days of each request. Failure of Client to meet this timetable may result in loss of funding. Continued failure of Client to timely respond may result in termination of this Agreement;  Procurement: Client shall ascertain and comply with all applicable State and Local procurement laws and policies;  CIPA: Client shall comply with the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (“CIPA”);  ‘Needs Based’: Client acknowledges that all products and services applied for under ECF have been ascertained to be ‘needs based’ and further acknowledges it will not apply for any items for which it has received other government or private funding sources. In addition, Client must certify on the FCC Form 471 and wherever required other ECF forms, that the items applied for are ‘needs based’.  Document Retention: Client shall retain its copies of all ECF documents for the time period necessary to remain in compliance with FCC rules, which is currently ten (10) years from the last date of service.
Information and Documentation. 7.1. Seller and Importer will supply each other, upon request, with such information and documentation in their possession, as may reasonably be required to verify the financial data relevant to the execution of this Importer Agreement.
Information and Documentation. An employee may take other leave in conjunction with parental leave, but this will reduce the amount of parental leave he or she may take. Parental leave does not break an employee’s continuity of service.