Strategy Development Sample Clauses

Strategy Development. Creates appropriate strategies and solutions to ensure a market advantage and competitive edge including market research at the industry, market, and economic levels, and the development of customer based research and analysis. ● Linking tactics and strategy. Work in collaboration with the CEO and other senior executives to execute the organizational strategic plan, setting outcome based metrics for each program, leading his/her team in creating and establishing systems to drive the company vision and to track progress towards those goals, and coaching the team in achieving those goals. ● Potential collaborations. Help identify potential collaborators/targets for corporate development initiatives. ● Due diligence. Lead the due diligence process for companies that are perceived to be potential partners/targets for corporate development initiatives. ● Negotiation assistance. Assist or when needed drive negotiation of collaborative, JV or M&A agreements.
Strategy Development. Based on current activities and operations, develop alternative strategies and approaches for improving handling and modifying GIS based collection system base maps during system operation and maintenance including processes for updating the GIS data when an error is found in the data. Consider hardware/software alternatives and electronic accessibility alternatives. 806.3 Collection System Base Map Accessibility Approaches and Systems TM and MTG-807. Document alternative strategies and approaches in the Collection System Base Map Accessibility Approaches and Systems TM. At MTG-807 discuss the TM with the City and develop a preferred approach.
Strategy Development. The Agency shall provide strategy development; this may include, but is not limited to: ● provision of detailed reports and recommendationsmarketing audits, competitor and context analysis ● target audience identification and analysis ● trend forecasting ● behavioural analysis and modelling, including social psychology and neuroscience ● insight generationstrategic planning of content/messaging (not to include media/channel planning) ● stakeholder analysis, mapping and strategy.
Strategy Development. The ATI develops a market aligned technology strategy by gathering and analysing information from Organisations and Projects in line with the Permitted Purposes, to validate the development of its strategy creation generated by its own research. A public document is published with refreshes as deemed required by the ATI and its board members but for the avoidance of doubt no Confidential Information will be shared externally by the ATI or shared with the ATI’s Advisory Structures.
Strategy Development. This phase involves the strategy development of the new products and the concept, the delimitation of the target market, the determination of the position of the products on the market, the benefits for the final consumer and, in general, the description of the desired image of the product in the market.
Strategy Development. The overall objective for this initial scope of work is to develop the strategic blueprints for creating a market defining Web presence for The initial concepts presented in the THINK New Ideas, Inc. (THINK) proposal will be a key driver in defining the project. THINK agrees to provide the services in the following categories to accomplish the above stated objective:
Strategy Development 

Related to Strategy Development

  • Project Development a. Collaborate with COUNTY and project clients to identify requirements and develop a project Scope Statement.

  • Staff Development A regular and ongoing staff development program shall be maintained and made available to all shifts and to all personnel with programs posted in advance. The posting will indicate if attendance is mandatory. Every effort will be made by the Employer to provide reasonable advanced notice of mandatory education. To ensure employees have the ability to complete mandatory education, when possible, a minimum of two (2) months advance notice will be given of the education requirements. Topics to be offered will be determined by discussions between nurses, management and the Clinical and Education Practice Subject to patient care needs and with appropriate advance notice, the Employer will make a good faith effort to release nurses to attend mandatory education and continuing education programs within employees FTE unless scheduled on time off by mutual agreement. Mandatory education programs will be scheduled in an effort to accommodate varying work schedules. Nurses required by the Employer to attend mandatory staff development programs will be compensated at the applicable rate of pay for hours spent in the program. The employer will make their best effort to make employees whole for their entire shift if a mandatory education is scheduled on a day in which an employee was regularly scheduled to work and was released from work by offering productive and nonproductive opportunities within the pay period for all hours missed. The Employer will provide contact hours for continuing education programs. It shall be the responsibility of the presenter to complete and submit the application process on a timely basis. The ABC Committee will have a quarterly agenda item to discuss: new and upcoming educational opportunities, additional educational interests from employees, access to computers and/or other tools necessary to facilitate training and professional development, and review the offerings for mandatory education classes to evaluate if enough classes are being offered at appropriate times to accommodate variable shifts.

  • Joint Development If joint development is involved, the Recipient agrees to follow the latest edition of FTA Circular 7050.1, “Federal Transit Administration Guidance on Joint Development.”

  • Clinical Development If 3D Medicines wishes to conduct any Clinical Trials for the Development of (i) any Licensed Product for any Indication in the Field other than an Indication included in the First Supplemental Development Plan, or (ii) any new dosage strength formulations of Licensed Product, in each case of (i) or (ii) in the Field in the 3D Medicines Territory, 3D Medicines may propose an amendment to the Development Plan to include such Clinical Trials and submit such amendment to the JSC for review and approval. If and upon receipt of such proposal, the JSC shall promptly (but in any event within [***]) review and decide on whether to approve such proposal. Upon the JSC’s approval of such amendment, such Clinical Trials shall be included in the amended Development Plan and 3D Medicines may conduct such Clinical Trials at its own cost. 3D Medicines shall ensure that any Clinical Trials conducted in the 3D Medicines Territory, whether by itself or through a subcontractor pursuant to Section 4.7, are conducted only at medical facilities that are qualified and filed with the NMPA or any other applicable Regulatory Authority. For clarity, 3D Medicines shall not conduct any Clinical Trials of the Licensed Product outside of the Field.

  • Research and Development All product research and development activities, including quality assurance, quality control, testing, and research and analysis activities, conducted by the Corporation and the Subsidiaries in connection with their business is being conducted in compliance, in all material respects, with all industry, laboratory safety, management and training standards applicable to the Business and all such processes, procedures and practices required in connection with such activities are in place as necessary and are being complied with in all material respects.

  • Design Development An interim step in the design process. Design Development documents consist of plans, elevations, and other drawings and outline specifications. These documents will fix and illustrate the size and character of the entire project in its essentials as to kinds of materials, type of structure, grade elevations, sidewalks, utilities, roads, parking areas, mechanical and electrical systems, and such other work as may be required.

  • Business Development Provide advice and assistance in business growth and development of Party B. 业务发展。对乙方的业务发展提供建议和协助。

  • Career Development The City and the Union agree that employee career growth can be beneficial to both the City and the affected employee. As such, consistent with training needs identified by the City and the financial resources appropriated therefore by the City, the City shall provide educational and training opportunities for employee career growth. Each employee shall be responsible for utilizing those training and educational opportunities made available by the City or other institutions for the self- development effort needed to achieve personal career goals.

  • Curriculum Development This includes the analysis and coordination of textual materials; constant review of current literature in the field, some of which are selected for the college library collection, the preparation of selective, descriptive materials such as outlines and syllabi; conferring with other faculty and administration on curricular problems; and, the attendance and participation in inter and intra-college conferences and advisory committees.

  • Sustainable Development 4.1 The Authority will review the Contractor’s Sustainable Development Policy Statement and Sustainable Development Plan submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the Schedule (Sustainable Development Requirements) and then at least annually thereafter.