Design Development Phase Sample Clauses

Design Development Phase. The Engineer must receive written notice from the State to proceed with the design development phase before commencing the phase. The design development phase drawings shall show the extent of the site, location of the project on the site, and the general disposition of the principal features and equipment embodied in the project, and shall be sufficiently developed so as to fix and illustrate the size and character of the project in all of its essential basic particulars as to kinds of materials, types of structure, and mechanical and electrical systems. All specifications shall be prepared in accordance with the CSI format. The Engineer shall submit for review and approval the number of sets of drawings, specifications, and detailed cost estimates specified in the task letter prepared for the project, as hereinafter provided in Section C. Submitted with the design development phase drawings and specifications shall be an estimate of the cost of construction predicated on the same, and broken down into the major sub-trades for the construction of the building, with separate figures for special items such as equipment, site work, and utility lines. Basic engineering and other drawings and specifications shall also be provided at this time by the engineers and other consultants working under the direction of the Engineer. As the drawings submitted during this phase are to form the basis of the whole concept of the project, they shall be reviewed by the State for conformance to functional and technical requirements of the project and approved by the State before the Engineer proceeds to the next phase. It is understood, however, that such review and approval does not relieve the Engineer from any responsibility arising out of the State's reliance on the Engineer's professional skill and ability to discharge her/his/its services as required by this contract.
Design Development Phase. 1.3.1 Based on the approved Schematic Design Documents and any adjustments to the Facilities Program or Construction Cost Limitation authorized by the Owner, the Project Architect shall prepare, for approval by the Owner and review by the Construction Manager, Design Development Documents in accordance with Owner’s written requirements to further define and finalize the size and character of the Project in accordance with Owner’s Design Guidelines and any additional requirements set forth in Article 14. The Project Architect shall review the Design Development Documents as they are being prepared at intervals appropriate to the progress of the Project with the Owner and Construction Manager at the Project location or other location specified by Owner in the State of Texas. The Project Architect shall provide the Construction Manager with copies of the Project Architect’s documents at the Construction Manager’s expense to assist the Construction Manager in fulfilling its responsibilities to the Owner.
Design Development Phase. (On-going tasks during Design Development Phase and for final review of Design Development Documents)
Design Development Phase. Upon District’s acceptance of Architect’s work in the previous Phase and assuming District has not delayed or terminated the Agreement, the Architect shall prepare from the accepted deliverables from the Schematic Design Phase the Design Development Phase documents consisting of the following for each proposed system within Architect’s scope of work: