Project Development Sample Clauses

Project Development. FCSC shall commence construction of the Project by no later than thirty (30) days following the partiesapproval of this agreement, and shall complete construction and equipping of the Project within six (6) months thereafter, subject to permitted delays provided for in Section 3.03 hereof.
Project Development. 4.1 The LPA and ODOT agree that the LPA is qualified to administer this PROJECT and is in full compliance with all LPA participation requirements.
Project Development. The Project Sponsor and the designated project engineer, will design, acquire the necessary rights-of-way (ROW), bid out and manage the construction of the Approved Project.
Project Development. Prior to the Commercial Operation Date, SRC Producer agrees to (i) submit semi-annual progress reports to Company including current status of each Construction Milestone, any significant developments or delays along with an action plan for making up delays, and SRC Producer’s best estimate of the Commercial Operation Date; (ii) provide copies of reports submitted to the Facility Lender relating to status, progress and development of the project, (iii) Upon Company request, meet with the Company to participate in semi-annual meetings to discuss the progress reports, answer questions, and assess the schedule, and (iv) participate in semi-annual progress review and issue remediation meetings when requested by the Company. SRC Producer shall make all relevant contractors available to Company in order to keep the Company fully informed on the status of the development. The semi-annual progress reports are due on every 6 month interval determined from the date the application is created by Public Service, ceasing once Commercial Operation has been obtained. Upon request, the Company shall have the right to monitor the construction, start-up, testing, and operation of the Facility at the Facility for compliance with this agreement, provided, however, that Company shall comply with all of SRC Producer’s applicable safety and health rules and requirements. Company’s monitoring of the Facility shall not be construed as inspections or endorsing the design thereof nor as any express or implied warranties including performance, safety, durability, or reliability of the Facility.
Project Development. Products developed by Applera under the Maui Project need not be submitted by Applera for registration with the FDA in the United States, but may be registered with any other regulatory authority. Furthermore, it is understood by the Parties that any instrument developed under the Maui Project shall not be “Alliance Products” or “Alliance Technology” (as such terms are defined in the Abbott Alliance Agreement) and shall be treated within the Abbott Alliance in the same manner as other similar products of Applera that are not “Alliance Products” or “Alliance Technology.”
Project Development. For each Qualified Project:
Project Development. Partner will identify and develop various entertainment projects (“Project” or “Projects”) to exploit a computer-generated likeness of Marilyn Monroe (“Virtual Marilyn”), which would be created by Partner should the Project provide sufficient capital for such purposes, representing the photo-realistic digital likenesses of the late celebrity, whose likeness, appearance and publicity rights are controlled by ABG.