CSI Sample Clauses

CSI. CSI" shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble. ---
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CSI. A time limit on the employer issuing discipline has been added to local addenda that previ- ously had no limits. Strong “just cause” language for disci- xxxxx has been added to the Locals covered by the Local 407 Addenda. Improved language on the UPS CSI Sup- plemental Article 11 short-haul provision that requires UPS CSI to turn subcontracted short- haul runs into bargaining unit work when xxxxx- ria is met. Language that provides that the NMUPSA provision on vacation accrual while in active military leave will apply to all CSI employees. While on Temporary Alternate Leave (TAW), UPS CSI employees will receive their regular rate of pay. NMUPSA Article 34 changes that will ben- efit UPS CSI directly: • UPS CSI employees in company health plans will move to the TeamCare plan as described in the NMUPSA. For the first time, all CSI employees will have retiree medical coverage. • All UPS CSI will have Long Term Disability (LTD) under Article 34. • UPS CSI employees in company pension plans will receive a 7-percent increase to their pension accrual rate, retroactive to the implementation of that plan (Decem- ber 2004). • UPS CSI full-time and part time will receive the same GWI as the package employees.
CSI. All service providers that work in the proximity of Confidential and Sensitive Information (CSI) must agree to abide by the College’s Identity Theft Prevention policies and procedures. In the event that the service provider becomes aware of a red flag or data incident, the service provider is required to report the incident to their point of contact at the College. The point of contact is required to notify the Chair of the Red Flags Committee and report the incident, provide the Chair with the contact information of the service provider, and assist the Chair as necessary in incident reporting and resolution. All service providers that process, store or transport CSI provided by the college are required to give the College sufficient documentation to assess the provider’s data security risk.
CSI. Lubbock has over fifteen years of experience in the installation of Fiber Optic cabling, Copper twisted pair cabling, Audio/Visual systems and cabling, Security Systems, infrastructure, and monitoring (License #B20382). Project experience ranges from multi story/multi building commercial complexes to small office installation. Primary Contact Name Please identify the individual who will be primarily responsible for all TIPS matters and inquiries for the duration of the contract. Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Primary Contact Title Primary Contact Title
CSI. CSI shall not have any rights, powers, obligation, liabilities, responsibilities, or duties under any Loan Document.
CSI. Is your child interested in problem solving, evidence collecting, and how a crime scene works? Campers will learn the art of crime solving as they learn about fingerprints, trace evidence, handwriting analysis and deductive reasoning as they figure out “who dunnit” in a week-long investigation. Camp schedule will include free swim or water activities daily. Dance This camp is for children that love to dance and want to explore all different types of dance. Technique in the studio will vary daily and students can expect to learn a variety of different dance styles. At the end of each week, there will be an afternoon performance for family and friends! Camp schedule will include free swim or water activities daily. (Half day option will include 2 free swim or water play days). DIY Crafting, crafting and more crafting! Campers will create and craft their way through the week, as they come up with fun and innovate ways to express their uniqueness. Camp schedule will include free swim or water activities daily. Edible Science Campers will conduct different experiments throughout the week…that are edible! Each day includes lots of fun filled activities centered around science based theories End of Summer Bash Don’t let the end of summer blues hit you quite yet. Campers will take this week to reminisce about their summer fun and prepare for the upcoming school year. We will celebrate what a wonderful summer it was through crafts, games, and an end of summer ice cream party before school starts again. Everyday Heroes Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This week we will explore the world of real life heroes from right here in our community. Firefighters, Police Officers, Military, Doctors and Nurses, Teachers and many more of our friends help serve us and our neighbors everyday. Join us as we learn from music, play, crafts, stories and visits from real live heroes everyday. Camp schedule will include free swim, recess or waterplay daily. Half day camp options will only include 2 days of water time. Fairy Tale Everyday campers will experience a beloved fairy tale through story, dance, crafts and pool time. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to feel like a prince or princess and inspire a love of dance. Camp schedule will include free swim or water activities daily. (Half day option will only include 2 pool/water days.) Fit, Fun, and Flexible Your children are going to camp at the best health club in Baltimore, why not engage in activities to build a he...
CSI. CSI represents and warrants to Company and Commission and covenants with the Company and Commission as follows: (i) that it is a validly existing limited liability company with authority to do business in Nevada, and is authorized to enter into this Agreement; (ii) that the person executing this Agreement on behalf of CSI has authority to do so; (iii) that upon execution and delivery of this Agreement to the other Party hereto, this Agreement shall constitute a binding agreement between the Parties enforceable in accordance with its terms; and (iv) that all Products shall be manufactured in accordance with all Applicable Laws.
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CSI. In January 2002, U.S. Customs launched the Container Security Initiative (CSI) to prevent global containerised cargo from being exploited by terrorists. The initiative is designed to enhance security of the sea cargo container, which is a vital link in global trade. CSP - Country Strategy Paper CSR – Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby companies integrate social end environmental concerns in their business activities and in interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis ("triple bottom line"). CTD - Committee on Trade and Development (WTO) CTE – Committee on Trade and Environment (WTO) CTFS - This WTO committee carries out discussion on matters relating to trade in financial services and also formulates proposals and recommendations for consideration by the Council. CTG – Council for Trade in Goods (WTO)
CSI. The term “CSI” shall mean the California Solar Initiative.
CSI. As a material inducement to the other Parties to execute, deliver and perform this Agreement, CSI hereby represents and warrants to the other Parties that: (1) the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement has been duly authorized by all necessary corporate, partnership or municipal action (as the case may be) of CSI, as determined by CSI; (2) this Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by CSI and constitutes a valid and binding obligation of CSI, enforceable against CSI in accordance with its terms; and (3) the execution, delivery and performance by CSI of this Agreement does not (i) require any approval of its shareholders, partners or legislative board (as the case may be) which has not been obtained; (ii) violate the articles, bylaws, partnership agreement, charter or ordinances (as the case may be) of CSI; or (iii) breach or constitute a default under any contract to which CSI is a party or by which it is bound.
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