Police Officers Sample Clauses

Police Officers. ADOT will not give DBE credit for procuring DPS officers. For Projects on which officers from other agencies are supplied, ADOT will give DBE credit only for the broker fees charged, and will not include amounts paid to the officers. The broker fees must be reasonable.
Police Officers. The following sworn employees shall have a probationary period of one (1) year from their date of hire:
Police Officers. The University may require a Police Officer at Licensee’s event, as determined by University Department of Public Safety. In all cases where money is collected, Police presence is required. All emergencies must be reported to the University Police Department at (818) 677-2111. DRAFT
Police Officers. The classification of Police Officer shall contain the pay grades: Police cadet (date of hire until sworn in as a Certified Peace officer for the City of Galveston); Police Officer I (from the date so sworn for one year); Police Officer II (from 1 to 3 years); Police Officer III (over 3 years); Police Officer IV (over 5 years); Police Officer V (over 7 years);); and Senior Police Officer (over 10 years). Any rehired employee who successfully completes probation shall receive credit for prior service with the Galveston Police Department for advancement into the pay grades in the classification of Police Officer. Grades in the classification of Police Officer shall not be supervisory in nature.
Police Officers. All layoffs shall be by seniority in the following order:
Police Officers. All Police Officers shall be assigned to a six week two consecutive rotating leave day schedule. Leave days shall rotate as follows: Week Leave Groups #1 Monday/Tuesday #2 Tuesday/Wednesday #3 Wednesday/Thursday #4 Thursday/Friday #5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday #6 Saturday/Sunday/Monday Once an officer is assigned to a particular leave day group that officer may not be involuntarily bumped into another leave group except when the officer transfers from one shift to another. However, with the employer’s consent, officers may voluntarily trade leave groups. Police Service Officers: All Police Service Officers will select a rotating leave day group by pay period. A leave group will be posted for each shift, based on the number of eligible Police Service Officers to select their shift. Shift selection will be by seniority and once a PSO selects a particular shift and leave day group, that PSO may not be involuntarily bumped into another leave group except when the PSO transfers from one shift to another, subject to Section 23, III (b). With the employer’s consent, PSO’s may voluntarily trade leave day groups. Leave day groups will remain the same for all other PSO’s on the same shift. Leave days shall rotate as follows: Pay Period Leave Groups #1 Monday/Tuesday #2 Tuesday/Wednesday #3 Wednesday/Thursday #4 Thursday/Friday #5 Friday/Saturday #6 Saturday/Sunday #7 Sunday/Monday Trading Work Days Union members may trade leave days under the following guidelines: No sixteen (16) hours shifts No trade can create overtime Exchanged days must occur within the next payroll period
Police Officers. Police powers are extensive, and are contained in a number of Acts and secondary legislation. In particular, key powers of arrest, interview, evidence gathering and use are outlined in the Police and Criminal Evidence (NI) Order 1989 (PACE) and also under the Justice and Security (NI) Act 2007 and Terrorism Act 2000. Where injury or serious damage has occurred, the Police usually attend the scene of the incident and commence preliminary enquiries. Where foul play or criminal offences are suspected, a more thorough police investigation will ensue. When there has been a fatality, it is most likely that the police will carry out a major investigation, supervised by an SIO (Senior Investigating Officer).
Police Officers. Total salary and benefits to be paid by the City to a Police Officer during the total time off due to a job related injury with benefits ceasing only upon termination of the physical disability.
Police Officers. Each police officer shall participate in a 15 minute on duty roll-call at the beginning of a day’s assignment and a 15 minute off duty roll-call at the end of the day’s assignment.
Police Officers. 1. Police officers with one (1) year of full-time service as defined in section B of this article, and at least one hundred (100) merit points shall receive a (Merit Level I) base salary increase of ten