Crisis Sample Clauses

Crisis. If an employee is unable to provide a written medical statement, the maximum allowable amount of shared leave that a full-time employee may receive is eighty (80) hours. For part-time employees, the maximum amount of shared leave will be prorated. The President has designated the Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services or their designee with the authority to approve shared leave without a written medical statement. The Employer will permit use of shared leave under Subsection 13.6 without needing to meet the criteria listed in Subsections 13.2 A.1 through 13.2 A.5 above.
Crisis. Any teacher who is the victim of workplace violence or a District-vetted credible threat shall be entitled to up to three (3) days of crisis leave. To access this crisis, leave, an employee shall be required to consult and receive a recommendation for leave from an appropriate medical provider, the District’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or equivalent mental health provider. This leave is intended to help with the recovery and recuperation of the teacher and will not impact their leave balances.
Crisis an event or circumstances involving a student or students severe enough to keep a psychologist past their contracted work day; including but not limited to suicide, grief counseling, suicide risk, threat assessment, etc.
Crisis. For the purposes of this membership program, a crisis means any decisive, unstable or crucial time resulting from an unforeseen event, which has directly caused or has the potential to cause serious bodily harm, detention or death to a CAP Member. Any Crisis or Crises arising out of, based upon, or attributable to related, continuous or repeated events shall be considered to be a single crisis for the purposes of this membership program. Violent Crime Any act or threat of violence to a CAP Member, which causes, or is likely to cause, death or serious bodily injury.
Crisis. By swimming at the aquatic center, I recognize and fully understand certain things, including: • My use of the pool facilities during my swim involves certain risks, including but not limited to:
Crisis any decisive, unstable or crucial time in the Policyholder’s affairs or business resulting from an Insured Event that starts during the Period of Insurance and:
Crisis. Any decisive, unstable or crucial time in the Insured’s affairs or business resulting from an Insured Event that:
Crisis. This Agreement and the Schedules shall apply to the Services provided by Receiving Parties only and shall not apply to private healthcare services provided by the Parties including but not limited to work through private agencies or at private hospitals. Existing staff portability agreements between the Parties or with other NHS organisations will not be affected by this Agreement. IT IS AGREED as follows:- Error: Reference source not foundDEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATION In this Agreement:
Crisis. Residential Program means a program that provides short-term Crisis Residential Services to adults who are in behavioral health crises and may be at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. Individuals are referred from Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health County or County-contracted behavioral health providers. The program operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and emulates a home- like environment. Intensive psychosocial services are provided on an individual and group basis by mental health professionals, including therapy, crisis intervention, group education, assistance with self- administration of medications and case management. The focus is on recovery and intensive behavioral health treatment, management and discharge planning, linkage and reintegration into the community. The average length of stay per client is 14 days. // //
Crisis. Virginia must develop a statewide community based crisis system for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities: • Crisis system is available 24 hours a day/7days a week/365 days a yearMobile crisis response is available in home and community settings • Out of home crisis stabilization programs are available in each region Integrated Day and Supported Employment The Commonwealth is required to establish an Employment First Policy and develop and implement a plan to increase integrated day opportunities, including supported employment, for individuals in the target population.