Medical provider definition

Medical provider means any health care provider, hospital, ambulance service, or their heirs or assignees.
Medical provider means a doctor of medicine or osteopathic medicine who is licensed to practice in the state of Iowa. Except as defined by Iowa law, a medical provider also means an advanced registered nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is licensed to practice in the state of Iowa.

Examples of Medical provider in a sentence

  • The Medical provider were asked to manage a facility in an improvised manner (that is not a usual practice), and eventually the LCC ad‐hoc Operations Manager organised a solution.

More Definitions of Medical provider

Medical provider as used in this Agreement shall include the Medical Director, provided that any provision that relates specifically to professional medical services will not apply to the Medical Director to the extent that the Medical Director is providing only administrative and not professional services. Schedule 3.1
Medical provider means an individual or entity which, acting
Medical provider means a physician, hospital, laboratory, pharmacist, pharmacy, or other health care provider that is not employed by or under contract to a county, municipal corporation, township, the department of youth services, or the department of rehabilitation and correction to provide medical services to persons confined in a jail or state correctional institution, or is in the custody of a law enforcement officer.
Medical provider means any health care provider, hospital,
Medical provider means the facility mutually approved by the Board and the Union, which may change from time to time, which collects, screens and/or stores urine samples.
Medical provider means any healthcare provider, hospital, ambulance