Community Sample Clauses

Community. We live and work in country communities. We are invested in the health, wellness and viability of country communities and the vibrancy, diversity and future of country WA.
Community. Relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope.
Community. We care deeply about improving the health and wellbeing of people in the community and we are committed to rewarding their investment in science. Excellence: Integrity and passion underpin our pursuit of the highest level of knowledge achieving significant outcomes whilst nurturing and inspiring the next generation of scientists. Other relevant information: ▪ The Xxxxxx Institute is a totally smoke free workplace. ▪ The position is subject to terms set out in the Xxxxxx Institute Enterprise Agreement (2015), Policies and Procedures and any subsequent variation to these. ▪ The Xxxxxx Institute is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. ▪ The Xxxxxx Institute has a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety. It is a condition of employment that staff comply with all health and safety related policy and procedures and take part in activities designed to improve the health and safety of the workplace. ▪ It is a requirement of the position to participate in the annual Performance Planning and Review process.
Community. A group or business that is registered as a not for profit organisation or are an incorporated group.
Community based Wraparound Recovery Services;
Community. Engagement Coordinator is a position that formalizes current MCP engagement activities in priority communities. Depending on the size of the population being served, at least one full-time employee (FTE) will be devoted to Community Engagement Coordinator responsibilities. These responsibilities may be filled by multiple individuals. Community Engagement Coordinator responsibilities shall include:
Community. Based Processes strengthen resources such as community coalitions to prevent substance use and misuse. Organizing, planning, and networking are included in this strategy to increase the community’s ability to deliver effective prevention and treatment services; educate and mobilize the community toward prevention efforts; and provide the Grantee with opportunities to obtain meaningful Community Agreements (CAs) with agencies, community sites, Prevention Resource Centers (PRCs) and other stakeholders that enhance prevention efforts. A Community Agreement may include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a Letter of Agreement (LOA), and/or a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). CAs will represent diversified resources that may include, but are not limited to, mentoring, substance abuse prevention related data, behavioral health services, counseling, school success, and other health and human needs. Grantee will:
Community. Based Acute Treatment for Children and Adolescents (CBAT) – mental health services provided in a staff-secure setting on a 24-hour basis, with sufficient clinical staffing to insure safety for the child or adolescent, while providing intensive therapeutic services including, but not limited to, daily medication monitoring; psychiatric assessment; nursing availability; Specialing (as needed); individual, group and family therapy; case management; family assessment and consultation; discharge planning; and psychological testing, as needed. This service may be used as an alternative to or transition from Inpatient services. ✓ ✓
Community. Access to the BGL Community that provides a forum for clients to discuss their BGL software. Documentation Access to our extensive online documentation including help screens, training manuals and videos. Email Regular email from BGL. Learning Channel All clients receive access to the BGL Learning Channel. The BGL Learning Channel provides structured training courses for BGL Cloud software. Support All clients receive unlimited support events for the duration of the Subscription Period. Support events can be logged through the application, telephone, email or the MyBGL. BGL does not guarantee response times but will endeavour to respond to all support events within 24 hours. Support Services are provided by BGL Team members in both Australia and overseas. Update Service Access to unlimited Software updates which will be applied by BGL from time to time. Website Access to the resources provided by BGL’s Website. Training Training course fees are not included in Your subscription. Training services are available from BGL. Your subscription includes 12 months free access to BGL’s Learning Channel from the start date of Your subscription. Updates BGL reserves the right to issue updates and enhancements to the Software at any time. Every effort will be made to ensure Software updates do not adversely affect You.
Community based veteran peer networking centers; and,