MAJEURE Sample Clauses

MAJEURE. 24.1 Neither Partner shall be entitled to bring a claim for a breach of obligations under this Agreement by the other Partner or incur any liability to the other Partner for any losses or damages incurred by that Partner to the extent that a Force Majeure Event occurs and it is prevented from carrying out its obligations by that Force Majeure Event.
MAJEURE. Tug Interests shall not be responsible or liable for any expense, loss, damage or claim whatsoever caused by or resulting from delays, failures or omission hereunder in the performance of services due to strikes, lockouts, labor disturbances, riots, fire, earthquakes, storms, lightning, pandemics, epidemics, war, disorders, acts of God, acts of the public enemy, port congestion, mechanical breakdowns, shortage of Tugs, priorities in service, pilot requests, unusual tidal conditions or any other cause whatever beyond their control.
MAJEURE. Each Party shall not be considered to be in default or breach under this Agreement, and shall be excused from performance or liability for damages to any other party, if and to the extent it shall be delayed in or prevented from performing or carrying out any of the provisions of this Agreement, except the obligation to pay any amount when due, arising out of or from any act, omission, or circumstance occasioned by or in consequence of any act of God, labor disturbance, failure of contractors or suppliers of materials, act of the public enemy, war, invasion, insurrection, riot, fire, storm, flood, ice, explosion, breakage or accident to machinery or equipment or by any other cause or causes beyond such Party’s reasonable control, including any curtailment, order, regulation, or restriction imposed by governmental, military or lawfully established civilian authorities, or by the making of repairs necessitated by an emergency circumstance not limited to those listed above upon the property or equipment of the ISO or any party to the ISO Agreement. Nothing contained in this Article shall relieve any entity of the obligations to make payments when due hereunder or pursuant to a Service Agreement. Any party claiming a force majeure event shall use reasonable diligence to remove the condition that prevents performance, except the settlement of any labor disturbance shall be in the sole judgment of the affected party.
MAJEURE. A party is not liable for failure to perform the party’s obligations if such failure is as a result of acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), pandemic, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, decrees of a court, tribunal or governmental authority, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, or lockout. If a party asserts any force majeure as an excuse for failure to perform, such non-performing party must prove that it took reasonable steps to minimize delay or damages caused by foreseeable events and that the other Party was timely notified of the likelihood or actual occurrence of a force majeure event. In the event of non-performance and/or termination pursuant to this Section 8.16, notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Xxxxxxx Money shall be returned to the Operating Partnership in full.
MAJEURE. A party shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of this Agreement for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Means any ○ fire, flood, earthquake or natural phenomena, ○ war, embargo, riot, civil disorder, rebellion, revolution which is beyond the Provider's control, or any other causes beyond the Provider's control
MAJEURE. Manager shall not be deemed to be in violation hereunder for failure to perform any obligation contained in this Agreement or for any incomplete performance hereunder for the time of and to the extent that such failure or incomplete performance is occasioned by any cause or causes beyond the control of Manager, including, but not limited to, delays or failure in performance or non-performance or interruption of services resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, Acts of War (including Terrorist activities), civil disorders, vandalism, fires, floods, weather, electrical failures, postal delays, inability to procure materials, sabotage, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, labor actions or shortages, criminal activity of third parties, loss of internet connectivity or incomplete or inaccurate data input as supplied by FMC.
MAJEURE. 16.1 What happens if there is an event of force majeure? If there is an event of force majeure, then:
MAJEURE. 19.1 Neither Party shall be held liable for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this Agreement from any cause beyond its control and without its fault or negligence, such as acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, embargoes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, power blackouts, strikes, work stoppage affecting a supplier or unusually severe weather. No delay or other failure to perform shall be excused pursuant to this Section 18 unless delay or failure and consequences thereof are beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Party claiming excusable delay or other failure to perform. Subject to Section 3 hereof, in the event of any such excused delay in the performance of a Party’s obligation(s) under this Agreement, the due date for the performance of the original obligation(s) shall be extended by a term equal to the time lost by reason of the delay. In the event of such delay, the delayed Party shall perform its obligations at a performance level no less than that which it uses for its own operations. In the event of such performance delay or failure by CenturyLink, CenturyLink will resume performance in a nondiscriminatory manner and not favor its own provision of Telecommunications Services above that of Carrier.