Majeure Sample Clauses

Majeure. In the event that any Party is delayed in the performance of its obligations under this Contract by an event of Force Majeure, the obligations of the Parties under this Contract shall remain in suspense until the cause thereof has ceased. "Force Majeure" shall include any of the following: riots, sabotage, acts of war or piracy, destruction of essential equipment by fire, explosion, storm, flood or earthquake, and delay caused by failure of power supplied or transport facilities or any other cause beyond the control of the Parties which renders performance of this Contract impossible. Neither of the parties shall be liable to the other for any loss including but not limited to any damages or abatement of charges whether directly or indirectly caused or incurred by any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations due to Force Majeure. If either of the parties shall become aware of Force Majeure which give or are likely to give rise to any failure or delay on its part it shall forthwith notify the other by the most expeditious method then available and shall say how long it is estimated that such failure or delay shall continue. Any failure by the Contractor to perform or any delay by either of the parties in performing its obligations under the Contract which results from any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations by any person, firm or company with which the Contractor shall have entered into any contract, supply arrangement or sub-contract or otherwise, shall be regarded as a failure or delay due to Force Majeure only in the event that person firm or company shall itself be prevented from or delayed in complying with its obligations under such contract, supply arrangements or sub-contract or otherwise as a result of Force Majeure.
Majeure. Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for any delay in performing, or failure to perform, its obligations under this Call-Off Agreement to the extent that such delay or failure is a result of Force Majeure. In particular, the Supplier shall be relieved from its Delay Payments obligation under paragraph 4.1 of the Order Form to the extent that the achievement of the Milestone in the Implementation Plan is affected by the Force Majeure. Notwithstanding Clause 14.1, each Party shall use all reasonable endeavours to continue to perform its obligations under the Call-Off Agreement for the duration of such Force Majeure. However, if such Force Majeure prevents either Party from performing its material obligations under this Call-Off Agreement for a period in excess of one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days, either Party may terminate this Call-Off Agreement with immediate effect by notice in writing to the other Party.
Majeure. 1. Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to Acts of Nature, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections, labor strikes or other work stoppages, and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected. Upon the occurrence of an event of force majeure, the party affected shall promptly notify the other in writing setting forth the details of the occurrence, its expected duration and how that party´s performance may be affected. The affected party shall resume the performance of its obligations as soon as practicable after the force majeure event ceases.
Majeure. If any Party is delayed or prevented from the performance of any act required under this Agreement by reason of any act of God, act of nature, including any epidemic or outbreak of pandemic disease, fire, act of government or state, war, civil commotion, insurrection, embargo, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining raw material, energy or other supplies, labour disputes of whatever nature or whatever reason beyond the control of the Party (a Force Majeure Event), the affected Party shall promptly Notify the other Party in writing, giving details of the Force Majeure Event, the acts affected by the Force Majeure Event and the extent to which they are affected, and performance of such acts shall be excused for the period of such event provided that if such interference lasts for any period in excess of 30 days either Party may, by written Notice to the other, terminate this Agreement.
Majeure. Design-Builder shall be excused from performance hereunder during the time and to the extent that it is prevented from obtaining delivery, or performing by act of God, fire, strike, loss, or shortage of transportation facilities, lock-out, commandeering of materials, product, plant, or facilities by the government, when satisfactory evidence thereof is presented to the District, provided that it is satisfactorily established that the non-performance is not due to the fault or neglect of the Design- Builder.
Majeure. If Manager is rendered unable, wholly or in part, by Force Majeure to carry out its obligations under this Agreement, the obligations of Manager shall be suspended during, but no longer than, the continuance of the Force Majeure. Manager shall use commercially reasonable diligence to remove the Force Majeure as reasonably promptly as practicable. The requirement that any Force Majeure shall be remedied as reasonably promptly as practicable shall not require the settlement of strikes, lockouts, other labor difficulty or a lawsuit by the affected party, contrary to its wishes; how all such and other difficulties shall be handled shall be entirely within the discretion of the affected party and shall not require more than commercially reasonable efforts on the part of Manager. The term “Force Majeure”, as here employed, shall mean an act of God, strike, lockout, or other industrial disturbance, act of the public enemy, war, blockade, public riot, lightning, fire, storm, flood or other act of nature, explosion, governmental action, governmental delay, restraint or inaction, unavailability of equipment or personnel (including, without limitation, Partnership or Subsidiary personnel), acts or omissions of employees of Partnership and its Subsidiaries and any other cause, whether of the kind specifically enumerated above or otherwise, which is not reasonably within the control of the party claiming suspension; such term shall likewise include the inability of Manager to acquire, or delays on the part of Manager in acquiring at reasonable cost and by the exercise of reasonable diligence, servitudes, rights-of-way grants, permits, permissions, licenses, materials, personnel or supplies which are required to enable Manager to fulfill its obligations hereunder.
Majeure. Manager shall not be deemed to be in violation hereunder for failure to perform any obligation contained in this Agreement or for any incomplete performance hereunder for the time of and to the extent that such failure or incomplete performance is occasioned by any cause or causes beyond the control of Manager, including, but not limited to, delays or failure in performance or non-performance or interruption of services resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, Acts of War (including Terrorist activities), civil disorders, vandalism, fires, floods, weather, electrical failures, postal delays, inability to procure materials, sabotage, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, labor actions or shortages, criminal activity of third parties, loss of internet connectivity or incomplete or inaccurate data input as supplied by HCCH.
Majeure. As used in this Agreement, the expression Force Majeure or Force Majeure Event shall mean occurrence in India of any or all of Non-Political Event, Indirect Political Event and Political Event, as defined in Clauses 31.2, 31.3 and 31.4 respectively, if it affects the performance by the Party claiming the benefit of Force Majeure (the "Affected Party") of its obligations under this Agreement and which act or event (i) is beyond the reasonable control of the Affected Party, and (ii) the Affected Party could not have prevented or overcome by exercise of due diligence and following Good Industry Practice, and (iii) has Material Adverse Effect on the Affected Party.
Majeure. 17.1 Any delay or failure of either party in the performance of its required obligations hereunder shall be excused if, and to the extent, caused by acts of God, fire, flood, epidemic, pandemic, windstorm, explosion, riot, war, sabotage, strikes, extraordinary breakdown of or damage to the CITY’S affiliatesgenerating plants, their equipment or facilities; court injunction or order; Federal and/or State law or regulation; order by any regulatory agency; or cause or causes beyond the reasonable control of the party affected; provided that prompt notice of such delay is given by such party to the other and each of the parties hereunto shall be diligent in attempting to remove such cause or causes. If any circumstances of Force Majeure remain in effect for one hundred and twenty (120) days, either party may terminate this Agreement.