Consent to Processing of Personal Data Sample Clauses

Consent to Processing of Personal Data. I understand that Biogen may wish to process my personal data provided in connection with the Study for legitimate management, verification and administrative purposes in connection with the objectives of the Clinical Trial Agreement and the conduct of this Trial. Such personal data will include contact details, specialty, education and training, previous professional activities and professional practicing or licensing details. My financial account details will also be collected only for compensation or reimbursement purposes. I further understand and agree that this personal data may, if necessary for the above-mentioned purposes, be transferred to third parties, including other companies related to Biogen in the form of a group and their advisors and third- party service providers, as well as to regulatory authorities (including, without limitation, Competent Authorities and tax authorities), as required by applicable law or relevant stock exchange rules. I accept and agree that to the extent allowable by applicable data protection law, my personal data may be transferred and processed outside the Economic European Area (EEA), including countries where personal data is protected differently than in my own country. Zajistím, že všechny osobní údaje zaměstnanců budou moci být sdíleny pouze v souladu s příslušnými zákony na ochranu osobních údajů. I will ensure that any Staff personal data may only be shared in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. Je mi známo, že mám právo přístupu ke svým osobním údajům, které má společnost Biogen za účelem opravy nebo úpravy, nebo v rozsahu povoleném platnými právními předpisy mohu požadovat odstranění nebo zablokování dalšího zpracování mých osobních údajů, což mohu kdykoli provést kontaktováním společnosti Biogen. Corporate Compliance, 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000, tel. , . Mám nárok se odvolat k Úřadu pro ochranu osobních údajů a prosadit další práva stanovená v § 00, 00 x 00 xxxxxx x 101/2000 Sb., o ochraně osobních údajů. I understand that I have the right to access my personal data held by Biogen for the purposes of correction or modification, or to the extent allowed by applicable law, to request the deletion or blocking of further processing of my personal data, at any time by contacting Biogen. Corporate Compliance, 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000, tel. , . I am entitled to appeal to the Office for Personal Data Protection and enforce other rights specified in Sections 11, 12 and ...
Consent to Processing of Personal Data. 11.1 Licensee hereby explicitly expresses its consent and agrees to the Licensor's Privacy Policy as attached to this Agreement as Annex 1 and expressly agrees to the processing of its (personal) data for the purposes described by Licensor in its Privacy Policy as attached to this Agreement.

Related to Consent to Processing of Personal Data

  • Processing of Personal Data 1.1. With regard to the Processing of Personal Data, You are the controller and determine the purposes and means of Processing of Personal Data You provide to Us (“Controller”) and You appoint Us as a processor (“Processor”) to process such Personal Data (hereinafter, “Data”) on Your behalf (hereinafter, “Processing”).

  • Use of Personal Data By executing this Stock Agreement, Participant acknowledges and agrees to the collection, use, processing and transfer of certain personal data, including his or her name, salary, nationality, job title, position and details of all past Awards and current Awards outstanding under the Plan (“Data”), for the purpose of managing and administering the Plan. The Participant is not obliged to consent to such collection, use, processing and transfer of personal data, but a refusal to provide such consent may affect his or her ability to participate in the Plan. The Company, or its Subsidiaries, may transfer Data among themselves or to third parties as necessary for the purpose of implementation, administration and management of the Plan. These various recipients of Data may be located elsewhere throughout the world. The Participant authorizes these various recipients of Data to receive, possess, use, retain and transfer the Data, in electronic or other form, for the purposes of implementing, administering and managing the Plan. The Participant may, at any time, review Data with respect to the Participant and require any necessary amendments to such Data. The Participant may withdraw his or her consent to use Data herein by notifying the Company in writing; however, the Participant understands that by withdrawing his or her consent to use Data, the Participant may affect his or her ability to participate in the Plan.

  • Transfer of Personal Data The Participant authorizes, agrees and unambiguously consents to the transmission by the Company (or any Subsidiary) of any personal data information related to the RSUs awarded under this Agreement for legitimate business purposes (including, without limitation, the administration of the Plan). This authorization and consent is freely given by the Participant.

  • Protection of Personal Data 25.1 The Parties agree that they may obtain and have access to personal data for the duration of the Agreement for the fulfilment of the rights and obligations contained herein. In performing the obligations as set out in this Agreement, the Parties shall at all times ensure that:

  • Personal Data Processing 2.1 The Processor shall process Personal Data only on the basis of corresponding recorded orders from the Controller.

  • Types of Personal Data Contact Information, the extent of which is determined and controlled by the Customer in its sole discretion, and other Personal Data such as navigational data (including website usage information), email data, system usage data, application integration data, and other electronic data submitted, stored, sent, or received by end users via the Subscription Service.

  • Collection of Personal Information 10.1 The Subscriber acknowledges and consents to the fact that the Company is collecting the Subscriber's personal information for the purpose of fulfilling this Subscription Agreement and completing the Offering. The Subscriber's personal information (and, if applicable, the personal information of those on whose behalf the Subscriber is contracting hereunder) may be disclosed by the Company to (a) stock exchanges or securities regulatory authorities, (b) the Company's registrar and transfer agent, (c) Canadian tax authorities, (d) authorities pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (Canada) and (e) any of the other parties involved in the Offering, including legal counsel, and may be included in record books in connection with the Offering. By executing this Subscription Agreement, the Subscriber is deemed to be consenting to the foregoing collection, use and disclosure of the Subscriber's personal information (and, if applicable, the personal information of those on whose behalf the Subscriber is contracting hereunder) and to the retention of such personal information for as long as permitted or required by law or business practice. Notwithstanding that the Subscriber may be purchasing Shares as agent on behalf of an undisclosed principal, the Subscriber agrees to provide, on request, particulars as to the identity of such undisclosed principal as may be required by the Company in order to comply with the foregoing.

  • Data Processing Agreement the present Standard Clauses for Data Processing , which, along with the Data Processor's Data Pro Statement (or similar such information), constitute the data processing agreement within the meaning of Article 28.3 of the GDPR.

  • Transfers of Personal Data 6.1 The parties agree that Company may transfer Personal Data processed under this Addendum outside the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland as necessary to provide the Services. Customer acknowledges that Company’s primary processing operations take place in the United States, and that the transfer of Customer’s Personal Data to the United States is necessary for the provision of the Services to Customer. If Company transfers Personal Data protected under this Addendum to a jurisdiction for which the European Commission has not issued an adequacy decision, Company will ensure that appropriate safeguards have been implemented for the transfer of Personal Data in accordance with Data Protection Laws.

  • Type of Personal Data Data Subjects may provide the following Shared Personal Data in connection with the purchase of a domain name from a Registrar: Registrant Name: Example Registrant Street: 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx City: Marina del Rey State/Province: CA Postal Code: 90292 Country: US Phone Number: +1.0000000000 Fax Number: +1.3105551213 Email: Admin Contact: Xxxx Registrant Phone Number: +1.3105551214 Fax Number: +1.3105551213 Email: Technical Contact: Xxxx Geek Phone Number: +1.3105551215 Fax Number: +1.3105551216