Project Parameters Sample Clauses

Project Parameters. The objective or use is: [Identify, if appropriate, proposed use or goals and insert here]
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Project Parameters. As used herein, “Project Parameters” shall mean: (a) the Product Design Requirements (“PDR”); (b) Design Plan; (c) the project planning documents, including the Project Schedule, containing a list of project milestones and the dates of completion for those milestones and (d) the Project Proposal. The preliminary Project Parameters, as they exist as of the Effective Date, are attached hereto as Exhibit 1 will be finalized in Phase 1.
Project Parameters. 2.1.1 Intent: [ ]
Project Parameters. The Project consists of planning, designing, constructing, and commissioning of the Project more specifically described in Exhibit 2. Owner's Project Business Case for the Project is predicated upon:
Project Parameters. The Project Scope, Project Schedule and Construction Budget set forth in Appendices 2, 4 and 5, respectively represent the University’s best current understanding of the goals and limits of the Project. Any activities of the Construction Manager in the performance of the Work hereunder which may violate these goals or exceed these limits must be approved in writing in advance by the University.
Project Parameters. The objective or use is: to complete a multimodal, intermodal freight plan for the eight county region that enhances the mobility of both people and goods while mitigating the negative impacts on mobility, safety, environment and quality of life.
Project Parameters. This Agreement is based on the following:
Project Parameters. The scope of work to be completed as part of this project includes miscellaneous improvements throughout the Xxxxxxxxxx County Justice Center as identified as part of the initial Feasibility Study. Refer to Attachment A for a detailed description of the scope of work to be completed per department. The Design Team will provide full design and construction administration services, with formal design review submissions anticipated at 100% Design Development and 50% Construction Documents phases. Updated construction cost estimates will be provided as part of these milestone submissions. 0000 X. Xxxxxxxx Xxx., Xxxxx X000 | Xxxxxx, XX 00000 | 512.479.0022 |
Project Parameters. A. The parties agree that Article 1, Article 3, and Exhibit A of the Original Agreement, and Supplemental Agreement No.1 is hereby amended by adding the following Phase II Services: Construction Document Services, Regulatory Review, Bidding/Negotiations Services, Construction Phase Services, and Surveys & Studies Services for the Project. See attachment A for project limits.