Concentrator Sample Clauses

Concentrator. If Customer’s desired system configuration requires the use of a VPN concentrator, including router, this will be provided by CentralSquare. It will reside at Customer’s location but is, and shall remain the property of CentralSquare.
Concentrator boiler room, compressor room, main office, concentrator and associated buildings, paste plant, #2, 3 & 4 substations, fire hall and fire pumps..
Concentrator. 2. 1000m Level Underground Mobile
Concentrator. The Concentrator class represents the concentrator devices of the Cell and MacroCell levels of the eDIANA platform. These devices are not connected to the cells; instead concentrators will connect to each other and to external elements (such as the Internet and Power suppliers). Generalizations • Device Object Properties None Data Properties None Restrictions [1] The provided_services object property, inherited from Device, may only take the values c2MCCi_Service or subclasses of External_Service.
Concentrator. Surface the targets for recovery and con-ratio will be set by a rolling 3-month average (excluding July 2007). Changes in the target calculation will be limited to significant changes in the process and/or operations. Smelter/Refinery/Lab current matrix administration will continue. Changes in the target calculation will be limited to significant changes in operations. This Memorandum of Understanding will expire with the Current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Stillwater Mining Company Company Official USW International Union Union Official Signed this day of , 2007
Concentrator. In this Use Case an embedded gateway has been designed to provide multiple communication technologies: • IPv4 Ethernet: to provide connectivity to central local or remote server. • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, WLAN communication: to communicate with local Wi-FI sensors or central server. • BLE 4.0: to communicate with local smartphones • ZigBee: to act as a ZigBee network coordinator for tracking devices based on 4.3 nodes. • 6LowPan: to communicate with tracking devices based on 6LowPan ready to integrate into existing IPv6 networks. The system gateway is based on the multi-core phyCORE-Vybrid System. This SOM embeds two Freescale Cortex-A5/Cortex-M4 which have been integrated into a carrier board with multiple interfaces. The design of the gateway is divided into several carrier modules that can be installed to support the different communication technologies. All these modules including the phyCore-Vybrid SOM are integrated into a carrier board that has been designed for the purpose of this gateway. Two different ZigBee boards (IEEE 802.15.4 based) have been design to test different transceivers and ZigBee stacks from different manufacturers. One hybrid Wi-Fi/Bluetooth board has been designed integrating one transceiver that two support this two standards. This reduces size and consumption and ensures a good interoperability between these two standards. One additional IEEE 802.15.4 board has been integrated from another manufacturer to integrate a full 6LowPan stack that is not available from the other IEEE 802.15.4 board manufacturers. The integration of different transceivers (based on IEEE 802.15.4) adds flexibility to gateway and ensures that can support the communication with different custom implementations of ZigBee/6LowPan variants, e.g. ZigBee Pro. Finally the low level serial connectors for RS232, SPI, I2C provides the gateway multiple interfaces to control other subsystems such as GPS or CANBUS drivers. The two Ethernet and USB interfaces offer high speed communications with local or remote servers that will be used to connect to this Use Case Central Server. The full design of the gateway is shown in Figure 19. 2xEthernet ZigBee Modules Phycore-Vybrid 6LowPan WiFi (station+softAP) +Bluetooth 2xUSB host 1xUSB Device (console) CanBUS SPI I2C Carrier Board Figure 19 - Gateway modular design
Concentrator. It was agreed during negotiations that the Concentrator schedule will be on consecutive days and this will not be subject to change under Article It was agreed during negotiations that excepting innocent absenteeism, the Company shall remove from any employee's record any disciplinary notation after twelve
Concentrator. Metallurgical (Extracted from Minerals Advisors Group Report, November 2005) Minerals Advisory Group (MAG) has provided metallurgical consulting and supervisory services to Peru Copper Inc. (PCI) since November 2004. MAG was assigned the responsibility of recommending and implementing a program to improve the metallurgical response of Toromocho ores and develop engineering data to be used in the production of a Toromocho Feasibility Study. Physical testing and analyses have been performed by METCON Research, Xxxxx Research, Pocock Engineering and Contract Support Services, Inc. The MAG Summary of Metallurgical Investigations draws together the testwork conducted for Peru Copper including work completed by METCON prior to the submission of a 43-101 document in August 2004. Actlabs, Inc. of Tucson was used almost exclusively as the assay lab of choice in order to maintain continuity in assays. Toromocho ores have been studied by Cerro De Pasco, CENTROMIN and Peru Copper over a period from about 1968 though 2005. The early work resulted in a Kaiser Engineers Feasibility Study. This Feasibility Study has been made available to SNC Lavalin (SNC-L) for review and study. Peru Copper has developed, through its consultants, ore specific metallurgy and engineering parameters to supplement the Kaiser Engineers base data. Historical metallurgical testing demonstrated copper recoveries of about 85% and final copper concentrate grades of about 22-28% from a conventional flotation process. Crushing and grinding parameters have been developed for Toromocho materials and specific energy consumptions projected through conventional Bond work index determinations and through XX XxxXxx projections. Laboratory testing demonstrated a rougher flotation grind P80 of about 106 to 125µ depending on the composite material to be ground and a cleaner flotation P80 of about 40µ. Flow sheet development at METCON yielded a conventional flotation process that includes three flotation cleaning stages and the use of sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) to depress naturally floating silicate minerals if necessary. Composite materials representing the Toromocho resource were used to allow the quantification of copper, silver and molybdenum metallurgy. Lock cycle testing of these composite materials and open cycle testing of a second set of composite materials support an average copper recovery of 89.5% and at an average copper grade of 26.5%. From the same tests silver recovery is projected to ...
Concentrator. The VPN Concentrator includes a router, which will be provided by Superion to Customer. The router shall reside at Customer’s location but is, and shall remain, the property of Superion. ANNEX 2 - SOLUTION AVAILABILITY AND SUPPORT
Concentrator. (determined by SNC-L) The operation costs includes: