Competitor Sample Clauses

Competitor. “Competitor” means any person, firm, business or other organization or entity that designs, develops, produces, offers for sale or sells products that are in competition with the products of the Company or an Affiliate as designed, developed, produced, offered for sale or sold by the Company or an Affiliate at the time of Executive’s Separation from Service.
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Competitor. The following entities, and their respective parents, successors, subsidiaries, and affiliates are competitors: (i) Fxxxxx Mxx (ii) all Federal Home Loan Banks (including the Office of Finance); and (iii) such other entities to which Executive and the Company may agree in writing from time-to-time.
Competitor. Competitor" shall mean any Person engaged in, or about to become engaged in, the production or sale, or both, of any product or service in any part of the United States of America which is directly competitive with one with respect to which the Employee acquired confidential information relating to the Company, or its business, products or services by reason of the Employee's work with the Company.
Competitor. The term "Competitor" shall mean any person or entity which, individually or jointly with others, whether for its own account or for that of any other person or entity, owns, or holds any ownership or voting interest in any person or entity engaged in, the practice of ophthalmology, the practice of optometry, the operation of out patient eye surgical facilities, the operation of refractive surgery centers and the operation of optical shops; provided, however, that such term shall not include any Affiliate of Vision 21 or any entity with which Vision 21 has an agreement similar to the Business Management Agreement in effect.
Competitor. Because of the highly competitive, evolving nature of the Company’s industry, the identities of companies in competition with the Company are likely to change over time. The following tests, while not exclusive indications of what employment may be competitive, are designed to assist the parties and any court in evaluating whether particular employment is prohibited under this Agreement.
Competitor. The term “Competitor” means any business which is engaged in the sale of pre-kindergarten through 12th grade educational products and services of the type sold by the Company within any geographic area in which the Company engaged in the sale of such products or services within the twelve (12) month period preceding termination of Executive’s employment.
Competitor. A “Competitor” for purposes of this Agreement shall mean any person, corporation or other entity that competes with one or more of the business offerings of the Corporation As of the Effective Date, the Corporation’s business offerings include: (i) pharmacy benefits management (“PBM”), including: (a) the administration of pharmacy benefits for businesses, government agencies and health plans; (b) mail order pharmacy; (c) specialty pharmacy; and (d) the procurement of prescription drugs at a negotiated rate for dispensing; (ii) retail, which includes the sale of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, beauty products and cosmetics, digital and traditional photo finishing services, digital and other online offerings, seasonal and other general merchandise, greeting cards, convenience foods and other product lines and services which are sold by the Corporation’s retail division (“Retail”); (iii) retail health clinics (“MinuteClinic”); (iv) the provision of pharmaceutical products and ancillary services, including specialty pharmaceutical products and support services and the provision of related pharmacy consulting, data management services and medical supplies to long-term care facilities, other healthcare service providers and recipients of services from such facilities (“Long- Term Care”); (v) the provision of prescription infusion drugs and related services (“Infusion”); (vi) the provision of kidney care services, including but not limited to caring for patients with end stage renal disease (“Kidney Care”); (vii) services relating to or supporting clinical trials (“Clinical Trials”); (viii) the provision of insurance (“Insurance”) including: (a) health insurance products and services; (b) managed health care products and services; (c) dental, vision, and employee assistance program products and services; (d) wellness products and services to employers, government agencies, health plans, other businesses or third party payers; (e) Medicare Part D services; and (f) other voluntary products that are excepted benefits under HIPAA; (ix) the creation and provision of population health management products and services (“Health Management”); (x) services supporting or related to the administration of the business offerings in (i) – (ix) (“Administration”); and (xi) any other business in which Corporation is engaged or imminently will be engaged. For avoidance of doubt, Competitor shall include any business unit, corporate entity, division, affiliate or ...
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Competitor. The term “Competitor” means, Inc., Xxxx, Inc., Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., Burlington Stores, Inc., Xxxxxxx’x, Inc., X.X. Xxxxxx Company, Inc., Macy’s, Inc., Nordstrom Co., Xxxx Stores, Inc., Sears Holdings Corporation, Stage Stores, Inc., Target Corporation, The Gap, Inc., The TJX Companies, Inc. and Walmart Stores, Inc., including any successors, subsidiaries or affiliates of such entities.
Competitor. “Competitor” shall mean any entity or person that is engaged in a business that is conducted by the Company during the Executive’s employment, or that is under consideration by the Board during the 12 months prior to the Executive’s termination of employment, including, without limitation, (i) any mortgage REIT, (ii) any entity or person engaged in any element of acquiring mortgage backed securities (“MBS”), single family residential mortgage loans (“Whole Loans”), credit risk transfer securities (“CRTs”) or other products or instruments in which the Company invests, including any private or public investment firm or broker dealer whose business strategy is based on or who engages in the trading, sales, investment or management of such securities, products or instruments, (iii) any entity that manages or advises (including any external advisor) either (A) a mortgage REIT or (B) an entity or person engaged in any element of acquiring MBS, Whole Loans, CRTs or other products or instruments in which the Company invests, including any private or public investment firm or broker dealer whose business strategy is based on or who engages in the trading, sales, investment or management of such securities, products or instruments and (iv) any entity or person engaged in the management or sale of single family residential real estate that is acquired as a result of foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu or other actions undertaken by such entity or person in respect of investments made by such entity or person in Whole Loans.
Competitor. For purposes of this Agreement, “Competitor” means an individual, partnership, firm, corporation or other business organization or entity that materially competes with a significant business owned or operated by CBI, its parent companies, or affiliates as of the Date of Termination, the names of which shall be made available to Executive at the time of Executive’s separation from the CBI and upon reasonable request. As of the date of this Agreement, the definition of a Competitor includes, but is not limited to, the following businesses: The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Inc., Nestlé S.A., Kraft Foods Inc., Hershey Foods Corporation, Ferrero SpA, Mars, Incorporated, Groupe Danone S.A., and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. The list of companies set out above or provided to Executive shall be deemed to include all direct and indirect subsidiaries and divisions of these companies.
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