Nature of the Company Sample Clauses

Nature of the Company. It is intended that the Company be a limited liability company meeting the definition of "partnership" contained in Section 7701 of the Code and the regulations issued thereunder. Except for purposes of the Code, the Members specifically intend and agree that the Company shall not be a partnership (including, a limited partnership) or any other kind of venture or Person, but a limited liability company under and pursuant to the Act. The Company's Certificate of Formation, this Agreement and the relationships created thereby and hereby and arising therefrom shall not be construed to establish a partnership as among the Members or any other Person or to constitute any Member a partner in the Company or a partner of any other Member or Person. All rights, liabilities and obligations of the Members, both as among themselves and as to Persons not parties to this Agreement, shall be as provided in the Act, except to such extent as may be otherwise expressly provided herein.
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Nature of the Company. (a) The Company is a public company limited by guarantee.
Nature of the Company. The Company is organized in the State of Delaware, will be qualified to do business in the states where the laws of such state require such qualification, and will be engaged in the Core Business and any other business its Members unanimously agree to pursue. As of the initial date of this Agreement, the Company's principal place of business is located at 1401 Xxxxx Xxx, Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, XX, xxd may be moved to any other location as the Members may determine.
Nature of the Company. The Company is a limited partnership formed pursuant to Delaware law. Except as otherwise provided by state law, the liability of each Limited Partner is limited to the amount of their Capital Contributions to the Company and any undistributed share of the profits of the Company that from time to time may be credited to such Limited Partner’s account. Unlike the General Partner, who is liable for all obligations of the Company, the Limited Partners, including the Investor Limited Partners, will have no personal liability to third parties, to the Company, or to other Partners. However, the General Partner may require the Limited Partners to make additional Capital Contributions to pay for obligations of the Property Owner and for other necessary expenses of the Company. See Section 3.2
Nature of the Company. 2.1 The Company was incorporated on 8th January 2003 to carry on the Business.
Nature of the Company. The Company is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture company in accordance with the PRC EJV Law, other PRC Law and the provisions of this Contract.
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Nature of the Company. The Company is a limited liability company with corporate legal personality under the Company Law. The establishment and activities of the Company shall be in compliance with the relevant provisions of Laws of China, and its legitimate rights and interests shall be protected by Laws of China.
Nature of the Company. The Company shall be a joint stock limited company existing indefinitely with independent legal person status. The Shareholders shall be liable for the Company and share the profits and risks and losses of the Company to the extent of their respective share subscriptions in the Company. The Company shall be liable for the obligations and indebtedness of the Company to the extent of all of its property and assets.
Nature of the Company 
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