Charge Sample Clauses

Charge. The liability for any amount becoming due and payable however shall be a charge on the Composite Unit and shall remain so until remittance in full thereof is made.
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Charge. 30.1 In consideration of us agreeing to or continuing to
Charge. 3.1 The Customer, as beneficial owner, charges in favour of the Company by way of first fixed charge all the Customer's respective rights, title, benefits and interests in and to all Collateral as a continuing security (“Charge”) for the payment and satisfaction on demand of all monies and liabilities (absolute or contingent) and performance of all obligations under the Margin Facility Terms which are now or at any time hereafter may be due, owing or incurred from or by the Customer to the Company or its Associates, or for which the Customer may be or become liable to the Company or its Associates on any account or in any manner whatsoever (whether alone or jointly with any other person and in whatever name style or firm) together with interest from the date of demand to the date of repayment, and any commission, legal and other costs, charges and expenses as they appear in the records of the Company or its Associates.
Charge. I. Beginning with the first day of using the Services, the Applicant agrees to pay service fees, handling charges, and Swift / Mail fees according to the standard rates stipulated by the Bank, (All related fees please refer to the standard rates on “General Agreement for Account Opening”) and authorizes the Bank to collect all fees and charges from the Applicant's account. The Bank may not collect any charges it has not advised the Applicant of.
Charge. Where a separate document of title to the Property is issued, the Borrower shall execute in favour of and deliver to the Bank the Charge upon the terms and conditions contained therein. All costs and expenses related to the perfection of the Charge shall be borne by the Borrower.
Charge. In consideration of your granting or continuing to make available the Credit Facilities to me/us, I/we, as beneficial owner or the agent of the beneficial owner, hereby charge, assign and release to you as continuing security for the punctual payment to you on the respective due dates of all amounts outstanding under the Credit Facilities and all other moneys and sums due or owing from me/us to you from time to time pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions and these Additional Terms all my/our rights, title and interest in and to the securities at any time hereafter and from time to time in my/our Securities Account (if any) and Margin Securities Account, together with all dividends or interest paid or payable on or in respect of any of such securities and all accretions thereto by way of bonus, distributions, options, rights or otherwise howsoever accruing or offered at any time hereafter (collectively the "Charged Securities").
Charge. The Health Benefits Review Committee may review all existing medical, dental, vision, prescription drug and life insurance benefits currently provided by the University. Among other things, the Committee may review the current level of benefits and methods of delivery and alternative structures for benefits plans, as well as the costs to the University and Faculty of such benefits. The University and the Association may each designate issues to be studied by the Committee when the Committee is given its charge each year. The Association will have an opportunity to consult with the Vice President for Human Resources prior to the implementation of any decision regarding the establishment of a specific charge for the Committee.
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Charge. The Quality of Faculty Work/Life Committee is charged with the review and study of ways, exclusive of salary, in which the University could enhance the quality of the work/life of faculty members, especially women and minority faculty members. In reviewing and studying quality of work/life issues, the Committee will pay special attention to gender and minority faculty issues that may impact recruitment and retention of Faculty within the nonsalary parameters stated above. This committee may also consider issues concerning child care services which were previously the charge of the Child Care Review Committee. The University and the Association may each designate issues to be studied by the Committee.
Charge. For better securing to the Mortgagee the repayment in the manner aforesaid of the said principal sum and interest and other charges and monies hereby secured, and for the due performance by the Mortgagor of all of the covenants, provisos and conditions herein expressed or implied, the Mortgagor hereby mortgages to the Mortgagee all its estate and interest in the Lands.
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