Standard Rates definition

Standard Rates means the rates for the provision of the Services which are applicable to Customers who fail to return the Completed Booking Form with full payment before the Return Date as detailed in the Rate Card.
Standard Rates means the hourly chargeable rate (£85.00 per hour unless otherwise specified in the Quotation);
Standard Rates means the rate to be charged by Exult Supplier to the Client for the provision of Projects as determined in accordance with Schedule C (Charges and Invoicing);

Examples of Standard Rates in a sentence

  • However, the written acceptance of the bidder by the Bank will constitute a binding agreement between the Bank and contractor who accept the L-1 rates (Standard Rates) whether such formal agreement is subsequently entered in to or not.

  • In addition, Afrox may at its own discretion, levy any of the charges (e.g. waiting time, free rider etc.) as set out in the Standard Rates of Afrox available on xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx.

  • The below recommendation is for inclusion in section (4)(C), although such a change could be accomplished in section (2) as part of the Standard Offer Contract requirements:(C) Standard Rates for Purchases.

  • Table A.3: Unemployment Benefit Standard Rates in 2005 (SGB II/Hartz IV and SGB XII) Notes: Monthly allowances per person in Euros.

  • As of February 24, 2004, Commercial Rates are the Standard Rates.

More Definitions of Standard Rates

Standard Rates means the standard royalty rates per Licensed Consumer Product as specified in the schedule in Section 4.02(a).
Standard Rates shall have the meaning designated in Section 4.02(a).
Standard Rates means the rates for services provided and transactions performed approved by the Institution.
Standard Rates means the rate which Purchaser or Sellers would charge an ordinary commercial customer for the particular class of services being performed or the retail market price for goods supplied. Such rates shall not exceed the rates which similar firms would charge for such goods or services in the location in which they are being delivered.
Standard Rates means DataOrbis’s prevailing fees and standard rates for its respective service categories and Personnel as contemplated by the Commercial Agreement accepted by the Client;
Standard Rates mean the rates set out in Schedule 7 hereto for the supply of water and sewerage services in the Service Area from the Commencement Date, as amended from time to time in accordance with the provisions of Article 9.
Standard Rates means the agreed cost of personnel and equipment required to carry out any Additional Services as set out in Schedule 5 (Standard Rates) Indexed.