Review Committee definition

Review Committee or “Committee” means a committee established pursuant to rule Chapter 67-60, F.A.C.
Review Committee means the Iowa state national register nominations review committee, which is appointed by the state historic preservation officer.
Review Committee means any person carrying out,

Examples of Review Committee in a sentence

  • The HoPE may create a Contract Termination Review Committee (CTRC) to assist him in the discharge of this function.

  • Please include recommendations and supporting information from the Program Review Committee and or your program plan.

  • The Core Review Committee coordinates and recommends changes to the core curriculum, develops the process for assessment of the core curriculum, regularly reports on assessment of the core curriculum, monitors transfer guidelines for core courses, acts on petitions for core credit, and evaluates guidelines in light of the total core experience.

  • The Core Review Committee reviews and approves courses submitted by the appropriate school/college curriculum councils for their inclusion in the core curriculum at UAF.

  • If so, the review is conducted according to the Provider Performance Inquiry and Review Policy with a report outlining the results of the review being sent to Magellan’s Peer Review Committee, the Regional Network Credentialing Committee (RNCC).

More Definitions of Review Committee

Review Committee means a committee established pursuant to Sections 420.5087 and 420.5089, F.S.
Review Committee means a committee composed of the
Review Committee means the committee established pursuant to Section 420.9072(3)(a), F.S.
Review Committee means the independent review committee established under Section 63N-2-504.
Review Committee or “Committee” means a committee established pursuant to Rule Chapter 67-60, F.A.C.