Securities Account definition

Securities Account is any “securities account” as defined in the Code with such additions to such term as may hereafter be made.
Securities Account means the account for dematerialised securities maintained by the CSD pursuant to the Financial Instruments Accounts Act in which (i) an owner of such security is directly registered or (ii) an owner’s holding of securities is registered in the name of a nominee.
Securities Account means a securities account (as that term is defined in the Code).

Examples of Securities Account in a sentence

  • Each of the parties hereto hereby agrees that each Account shall be deemed to be a Securities Account.

More Definitions of Securities Account

Securities Account means an account to which a financial asset is or may be credited in accordance with an agreement under which the Person maintaining the account undertakes to treat the Person for whom the account is maintained as entitled to exercise the rights that comprise the financial asset.
Securities Account means a "securities account" as that term is defined in the Code.
Securities Account means each Securities custody account on Bank's records to which Financial Assets are or may be credited pursuant hereto.
Securities Account means a “securities account” (as defined in Article 9 of the UCC), an investment account, or other account in which investment property or securities are held or invested for credit to or for the benefit of any Borrower.
Securities Account shall have the meaning given such term in Section 8-501(a) of the UCC.
Securities Account has the meaning given to such term in the UCC.
Securities Account means the segregated trust account to be established at the Custodian to which the Custodian shall deposit or credit and hold the Securities (other than Loans) received by it pursuant to this Agreement, which account shall be designated the “Securities Custody Account”.