Certificate of Payment Sample Clauses

Certificate of Payment. The term "
Certificate of Payment. Contract No. Project (Name and Address): To (Town): oceed Date: Consultant: Contractor: Notice to Pr Consultant: Date of Issuance: All conditions or requirements of any permits or regulatory agencies have been satisfied. The documents required pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Contract, and the final xxxx of materials, if required, have been received and accepted. The Work required by the Contract Documents has been reviewed and the undersigned certifies that the Work, including minor corrective work, has been completed in accordance with the provision of the Contract Documents and is accepted under the terms and conditions thereof. Consultant By Date Town, through its Town Administrator, accepts the work as fully complete and will assume full possession thereof at on . (time) (date) TOWN OF SOUTHWEST RANCHES: By Town Administrator Date FORM 12: FORM OF FINAL RECEIPT [The following form will be used to show receipt of final payment for this Contract.]
Certificate of Payment. Within 10 days of any written request by the Grantor, the Grantee will issue a written certificate to the Grantor or any lender to or purchaser from the Grantor, certifying the amount outstanding under this Agreement as of the date of the certificate. The Grantor will be required to pay in advance the Grantee’s reasonable fee for the issuance of any such certificate.
Certificate of Payment. Based upon observations at the site and upon the Construction Contractor’s Applications for Payment, the Consultant shall determine the amount owed to the Construction Contractor(s), shall consult with the City’s Project Manager in the determination of the amount due the Construction Contractor and the Consultant shall sign the Certificate of Payment prior to the time it is transmitted to the City’s Project Manager for final approval for payment. All review and approval of the draft Certificate of Payment will be conducted electronically. The Consultant’s signing of a Certificate of Payment shall constitute a representation by the Consultant to the City that the Work has progressed to the point indicated and that to the best of the Consultant’s knowledge, information and belief, the quality of the work appears to be in accordance with the Contract Documents (this is subject to an evaluation of the work for conformance with the Contract Documents upon Substantial Completion; the results of any subsequent tests required by the Contract Documents; minor deviations from the Contract Documents correctable prior to completion; and to any specific qualifications stated in the Certificate for Payment.) and shall within two (2) days after receipt of Application from Construction Contractor respond to Certificate of Payment. In signing the Certificate of Payment, the Consultant certifies that the Construction Contractor is entitled to payment in the amount certified. However, if it should later be found that the Construction Contractor has failed to comply with its contract with the City in any way or detail, such failures and subsequent compliance shall be the sole responsibility of said Construction Contractor provided that Consultant has complied with the terms of this contract. By signing the Certificate for Payment to the City, the Consultant shall not be deemed to represent that it has made any examination to ascertain how and for what purpose the Construction Contractor has used the monies paid on account of the Construction Contract Sum.
Certificate of Payment. The Company shall, at its own instance, be entitled to produce a certificate signed by a director of the Company substantiating the amount due & payable by the Client to the Company. The certificate shall constitute prima facie proof of the allegations & amounts stated therein for purposes of any proceedings & the Client shall bear the onus of disproving the contents of the certificate.
Certificate of Payment. The Company shall provide Parent with a ---------------------- balance sheet reflecting the Company's payment of all of the Excluded Liabilities, accompanied with a certificate of the President and Treasurer of the Company certifying the same.
Certificate of Payment. The Board shall upon request and for a reasonable charge not to exceed $25.00, furnish to any Person a certificate, signed by an officer of the Corporation, setting forth whether or not all Assessments, whether Annual or Special, on a specified Lot have been paid. Such certificate shall be conclusive evidence of payment of any Assessment therein stated to have been paid.
Certificate of Payment. Upon written demand by an Owner, the Association shall within a reasonable period of time issue and furnish to such Owner a written certificate stating that all assessments (including penalties, interest and costs, if any) have been paid with respect to any Lot owned by said Owner as of the date of such certificate, or that all assessments, interest and costs have not been paid, setting forth the amount then due and payable. The Association may make a reasonable charge for the issuance of such certificate. Any such certificate, when duly issued as herein provided, shall be conclusive and binding with regard to any matter therein stated as between the Association and any bona fide purchaser of, or lender on, the Lot in question.
Certificate of Payment. The treasurer of the Association or the manager of the Association, upon request of any Owner, shall furnish a certificate signed by a member of the Board or by the manager, if authorized by the Board, stating whether any Assessments are owed by that Owner. The Board may establish a reasonable fee for such certificate. Such certificate will be conclusive evidence of payment of the Assessment through the date of the certificate.