Evidence of Payment Sample Clauses

Evidence of Payment. As soon as practicable after any payment of Taxes by any Loan Party to a Governmental Authority pursuant to this Section 2.17, such Loan Party shall deliver to the Administrative Agent the original or a certified copy of a receipt issued by such Governmental Authority evidencing such payment, a copy of the return reporting such payment or other evidence of such payment reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.
Evidence of Payment. On the Delivery Date, the Borrower shall have provided funding for an amount in the aggregate equal to the sum of at least (x) [*]% of the Initial Construction Price for the Vessel, (y) [*]% of the aggregate amount of Permitted Change Orders for the Vessel and (z) [*]% of the difference between the Final Construction Price and the Adjusted Construction Price for the Vessel (in each case, other than from proceeds of Loans) and the Facility Agent shall have received a certificate from the officer of the Borrower to such effect.
Evidence of Payment. Within 30 days after the reasonable request therefor by the Administrative Agent in connection with any payment of Indemnified Taxes or Other Taxes, the applicable Borrower or other Person will furnish to the Administrative Agent the original or a certified copy of an official receipt from the jurisdiction to which payment is made evidencing payment thereof or, if unavailable, a certificate from a Responsible Officer that states that such payment has been made and that sets forth the date and amount of such payment.
Evidence of Payment. Within 30 days after the date of any payment of Taxes, the Borrower shall furnish to the each Lender the original receipt of payment thereof or a certified copy of such receipt. In the case of any payment hereunder or under any Note by the Borrower through an account or branch outside the United States or on behalf of the Borrower by a payor that is not a United States person, if the Borrower determines that no Taxes are payable in respect thereof, the Borrower shall furnish, or shall cause such payor to furnish, to each Lender an opinion of counsel acceptable to such Lender stating that such payment is exempt from Taxes. For purposes of this subsection (d) and subsection (e), the terms "United States" and "United States person" shall have the meanings specified in Section 7701 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Evidence of Payment. Within 30 days after the date of any payment of Taxes by the Borrowers, the Borrowers shall furnish to the Agent the original or a certified copy of a receipt evidencing payment by the Borrowers of any Taxes with respect to any amount payable to the Agent and the Lenders hereunder.
Evidence of Payment of Tax If an Obligor makes any payment hereunder in respect of which it is required to make any deduction or withholding, it shall pay the full amount required to be deducted or withheld to the relevant taxation or other authority within the time allowed for such payment under applicable law and shall deliver to the Agent for each Bank, within thirty days after it has made such payment to the applicable authority, an original receipt (or a certified copy thereof) issued by such authority evidencing the payment to such authority of all amounts so required to be deducted or withheld in respect of that Bank's share of such payment.