Category A Sample Clauses

Category A. A full time Category A School Services Officer shall be paid the rate specified in Schedule 5.
Category A. 14 The first category of educator leadership work will establish substantial district-wide, 15 multi-level, or building-based positions that will move forward programmatic work over 16 yearlong or multi-year periods. 18 These leaders are responsible for insuring that the work is completed. The compensation 19 scales are established with the understanding that this work will include hours beyond the 20 defined educator workday and year. These leadership roles will have a focus in 21 supporting educators in building their capacity to work effectively with students.
Category A. Basketball (Boys & Girls), Head Football, Head Soccer (Boys & Girls), Head Track (Boys & Girls), Head Volleyball, Head Wrestling, Head Category B Baseball, Head Hi-Liners, Head Softball, Head Swimming, Head Tennis (Boys & Girls), Head Category C Basketball (Boys & Girls), Assistant Cross Country, Head Football, Assistant Golf, Head Soccer (Boys & Girls), Assistant Track, Assistant Volleyball, Assistant Water Polo, Head Wrestling, Assistant Category AA 7th & 8th Grade Football, Head 7th & 8th Grade Soccer, Head 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball, Head Cross Country, Head 7th & 8th Grade Basketball (Girls & Boys), Baseball, Head Softball, Head Track, Head Wrestling, Head Category BB 7th & 8th Grade Football, Assistant Cross Country, Assistant Soccer, Assistant Track, Assistant Volleyball, Assistant Wrestling, Assistant Category D Baseball, Assistant Hi-Liners, Assistant Rally, Head (per season) Softball, Assistant Swimming, Assistant Tennis, Assistant Category E Cross Country, Assistant Golf, Assistant Rally, Assistant (per season) Category F All positions are an annual stipend unless otherwise noted above. For all extra duty assignments, the employee shall have the option of receiving their extra duty salary either in a lump sum check at the end of the season or in equal payments during the season. EXTENDED SEASON PAY AND ACTIVITY SUPERVISION High School athletic coaches listed below who are entered in state or national competition will receive a weekly salary of 5 percent of their extra duty pay upon completion of all league competitions (including district tournaments and league playoffs). Additional coaches may be added only at the discretion of the District Athletic Director, in collaboration with the Head Coach. Teams Football - Head Coach plus five Assistants Boys or Girls Soccer- Head Coach plus two Assistants Volleyball - Head Coach plus two Assistants Boys or Girls Cross Country- Head Coach Water Polo - Head Coach Boys or Girls Basketball- Head Coach plus three Assistants Girls Softball - Head Coach plus two Assistants Boys Baseball - Head Coach plus two Assistants Boys or Girls Golf- Head Coach only Individual Sports One to two students qualify for state- Head Coach only Three or more students qualify for state - Head Coach and one assistant Cross Country Swimming Wrestling Golf Tennis Track Student Athletic Event and Activity Supervision Employees will be paid for supervision at games and activities at a rate of $15.00 per hour. Employees will be paid at...
Category A. Category A includes sanitary sewer users who discharge normal domestic strength wastewater with concentrations of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) no greater than 200 mg/l, suspended solids no greater than 250 mg/l, phosphorus no greater than 10 mg/l, or chlorides no greater than 450 mg/l. The sewer service charge for category A wastewater shall be determined by resolution of the Town Board, from time to time.
Category A. Employees coming within Category (A) of Section :01 shall work a regular work day of seven and one- quarter (7¼) consecutive hours and a regular work week of thirty-six and one-quarter (36¼) hours exclusive of lunch periods. Normal office hours shall be 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, inclusive; but where it is necessary to provide service to the public on Saturday, sufficient staff for that purpose shall be maintained on Saturday at the discretion of the employing authority.
Category A. Death or total disability due to the compensable condition. An individual will be considered totally disabled based on the functional capacity test set forth in Severity/Disability Category A for Atypical Connective Tissue Disease/Atypical Rheumatic Syndrome.