Build Sample Clauses

Build. Out of Des Moines and Omaha MTAs. Manager's obligation to complete the network build-out as described in Exhibit 2.1 for the Des Moines and Omaha MTAs is material to Sprint PCS' compliance with the 10-year minimum pops coverage requirement under the License for such MTAs, as required by the FCC and, therefore, is a material term of the Management Agreement.
Build. CONA will provide certain of the Services described in Exhibit A directly, and will coordinate and manage the provision of all Services described in Exhibit A that are performed by Vendors. Build phase Services include governance, business process management, and standards for the build process; planning, design, development and testing of the CONA System; building required infrastructure; acquiring necessary licenses; and integration and performance testing. Build phase Services do not include business support. The respective roles and responsibilities of CONA and Bottler with respect to Build phase Services are set forth in Exhibit A.
Build. During the Setup phase (as defined in the SOW), Provider will invest in the System design (as set forth in the SOW), importing the System, set-up, training, supplying raw material, install and check the system and more (together the “BUILD”) as stipulated in Appendix C - Bill of Materials and Prices (the “BOM”) to BUILD the Project. It is noted that Provider’s estimate of the initial investment for the Build phase is 8,000,000 US$.
Build. The State shall provide the Local Government electronic (PDF) copies of the Project design plans for review and comment in conjunction with the State’s review of each submittal. The Local Government will submit any review comments to the State within 5 days of the date of electronic transmittal. Payment by the Local Government to the State by November 30, 2015 (100%): $1,180,000.00 This is an estimate. The final amount of Local Government participation will be based on actual costs. Project Location Maps Figure 1 - General Project Location Map Figure 2 - Project Limits Map Option Work Intersection Improvements Camp Wisdom Intersection Improvements Webb Lynn / Lynn Creek Parkway Intersection Improvements New York Avenue Intersection Improvements