Raw Material Sample Clauses

Raw Material. Cardinal Health shall be responsible for procuring, inspecting and releasing adequate Raw Materials to Manufacture the Products. If Customer insists on a specific supplier to be used for a Raw Material, Customer shall be responsible for the timeliness of supply, quantity of supply and quality of supply of such Raw Materials. If Cardinal Health provides reasonable documentation indicating that the cost of any such Raw Material is greater than Cardinal Health’s costs for such Raw Material of equal quality from other vendors, Cardinal Health shall add the difference between Cardinal Health’s cost of the Raw Material and Customer’s mandated supplier’s cost to the Price of the Product. Customer will be responsible for all direct costs associated with qualification of a new supplier of a Raw Material not previously qualified by Cardinal Health.
Raw Material a. Raw material used to manufacture the HDPE pipes shall be 100% virgin PE compound or Natural black PE resin conforming to IS: 4984, IS: 7328 and ISO: 4427 for this a certification has to be given by the resin manufacturer as per clause 3.2.3
Raw Material. All material certifications must be made according to the latest specification revision, which are in effect at the time of order placement. If you are unable to comply, Lynn Welding must be notified before processing can begin. AMS, AS and similar industry standard specifications are available at the following web address: xxx.xxx.xxx.
Raw Material. 4.1 Materials and testing are in accordance to the Specification provided by Buyer. The materials shall conform to the required chemical composition and mechanical properties for the grade ordered and described in the Specification.
Raw Material. 9.1. SODECIA shall deliver raw material at SUPPLIER's premises 10 (ten) days before the date designated in the SC for production of Early Samples Mrd0, Early Samples Mrd1 and Samples.
Raw Material. All material must be labeled with part number and heat lot number prior to being shipped. Certs/Certificate of Compliance required on all shipments. MSDS must be available upon request.
Raw Material. The term "
Raw Material. 4.1 All raw materials will be QC controlled wider the responsibility of EUROGENTEC and released by EUROGENTEC in due time before production of each Clinical Batch.
Raw Material. Any ingredient intended for use in the manufacture of the drug Product, including those that do not appear in such drug Product.
Raw Material. Supplier and sub-tier supplier shall maintain a copy of all supplier-procured raw material certifications. Certification shall include material specification, description, alloy and condition. The supplier shall maintain the mill certification for material that shall include physical properties (hardness and conductivity), chemical analysis, and heat-lot number(s). Supplier shall include a copy of the original mill certification with the shipment of product.