Assistance in Sample Clauses

Assistance in. Proceedings From and after the Closing, at the reasonable request of the Purchaser and at Purchaser’s sole cost and expense, each Seller will cooperate with the Purchaser and its counsel in the contest or defense of, and make available its executive management and provide testimony and reasonable access to its books and records solely to the extent necessary in connection with, any Proceeding involving or relating to (i) any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or (ii) any action, activity, circumstance, condition, conduct, event, fact, failure to act, incident, occurrence, plan, practice, situation, status or transaction on or before the Closing Date involving the Business, in each case subject to customary confidentiality restrictions and solely to the extent permitted by applicable Law. 5.10 Noncompetition and nonsolicitation (a) Except as contemplated or required by this Agreement or the Transition Services Agreement, to perform under any Included Contract in accordance with Section 2.11, or as otherwise requested by or agreed with the Purchaser, during the period commencing on the Closing Date and ending on the third (3rd) anniversary of the Closing Date (the “Restricted Period”), each Seller will not directly or indirectly, engage in any business anywhere in the world that develops, manufactures, produces, markets, sells or distributes any products or provides any services of the kind developed, under development, manufactured, produced, marketed, sold, distributed or provided by the Current Business as of the Closing, or own an interest in, manage, operate, join, control, lend money or render financial or other assistance to or participate in, as a partner, stockholder, consultant or otherwise, any Person that is engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing, producing, marketing, selling or distributing any products or providing any services of the kind developed, under development, manufactured, produced, marketed, sold, distributed or provided by the Current Business as of the Closing; provided, however, that, for the purposes of this Section 5.10, ownership of securities having no more than one percent (1%) of the outstanding voting power of any Person will not be deemed to be in violation of this Section 5.10. The Restricted Period will be extended by the length of any period during which any Seller is in breach of the terms of this Section 5.10. (b) During the Restricted Period, no Seller will, directly or indirectly, for ...
Assistance in. Litigation Executive shall, during and after termination of employment, upon reasonable notice, furnish such information and proper assistance to the Company as may reasonably be required by the Company in connection with any litigation in which it or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates is, or may become a party, provided, however, that such assistance following termination shall be furnished at mutually agreeable times and for mutually agreeable compensation.

Related to Assistance in

  • Assistance and Cooperation After the Closing Date, each of Seller and Purchaser shall:

  • Payments for Distribution Assistance and Administrative Support Services (a) Payments to the Distributor. In consideration of the payments made by the Fund to the Distributor under this Plan, the Distributor shall provide administrative support services and distribution services to the Fund. Such services include distribution assistance and administrative support services rendered in connection with Shares (1) sold in purchase transactions, (2) issued in exchange for shares of another investment company for which the Distributor serves as distributor or sub-distributor, or (3) issued pursuant to a plan of reorganization to which the Fund is a party. If the Board believes that the Distributor may not be rendering appropriate distribution assistance or administrative support services in connection with the sale of Shares, then the Distributor, at the request of the Board, shall provide the Board with a written report or other information to verify that the Distributor is providing appropriate services in this regard. For such services, the Fund will make the following payments to the Distributor:

  • Assistance Registry Operator will co-­‐operate and provide reasonable assistance to ICANN and the CZDA Provider to facilitate and maintain the efficient access of zone file data by permitted users as contemplated under this Schedule.

  • Technical Assistance The State agrees to provide technical assistance regarding the State’s rules, regulations and policies to the Sub- Recipient and to assist in the correction of problem areas identified by the State’s monitoring activities.

  • Assistance in Litigation Employee shall upon reasonable notice, furnish such information and proper assistance to the Company as it may reasonably require in connection with any litigation in which it is, or may become, a party either during or after employment.

  • DEVELOPMENT OR ASSISTANCE IN DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS/ STATEMENTS OF WORK Firms and/or individuals that assisted in the development or drafting of the specifications, requirements, statements of work, or solicitation documents contained herein are excluded from competing for this solicitation. This shall not be applicable to firms and/or individuals providing responses to a publicly posted Request for Information (RFI) associated with a solicitation.

  • Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Consulting Teachers (CT) will be assigned to all new teachers with no prior teaching experience and tenured teachers rated ineffective on the qualitative measures at the end of the previous school year and recommended by the PAR Panel. Evaluations for Probationary and Ineffective Teachers:

  • Distribution Assistance Fees (Asset-Based Sales Charge). Within ten (10) days of the end of each month, the Fund will make payments in the aggregate amount of 0.0625% (0.75% on an annual basis) of the average during the month of the aggregate net asset value of Shares computed as of the close of each business day (the "Asset-Based Sales Charge"). Such Asset-Based Sales Charge payments received from the Fund will compensate the Distributor for providing distribution assistance in connection with the sale of Shares. The distribution assistance services to be rendered by the Distributor in connection with the Shares may include, but shall not be limited to, the following: (i) paying sales commissions to any broker, dealer, bank or other person or entity that sells Shares, and/or paying such persons "Advance Service Fee Payments" (as defined below) in advance of, and/or in amounts greater than, the amount provided for in Section 3(b) of this Agreement; (ii) paying compensation to and expenses of personnel of the Distributor who support distribution of Shares by Recipients; (iii) obtaining financing or providing such financing from its own resources, or from an affiliate, for the interest and other borrowing costs of the Distributor's unreimbursed expenses incurred in rendering distribution assistance and administrative support services to the Fund; and (iv) paying other direct distribution costs, including without limitation the costs of sales literature, advertising and prospectuses (other than those prospectuses furnished to current holders of the Fund's shares ("Shareholders")) and state "blue sky" registration expenses.

  • Transition Assistance If this contract is not renewed at the end of this term, if the contract is otherwise terminated before project completion, or if particular work on a project is terminated for any reason, Contractor shall provide transition assistance for a reasonable, mutually agreed period of time after the expiration or termination of this contract or particular work under this contract. The purpose of this assistance is to allow for the expired or terminated portion of the services to continue without interruption or adverse effect, and to facilitate the orderly transfer of such services to the Department or its designees. The parties agree that such transition assistance is governed by the terms and conditions of this contract, except for those terms or conditions that do not reasonably apply to such transition assistance. The Department shall pay Contractor for any resources utilized in performing such transition assistance at the most current contract rates. If the Department terminates a project or this contract for cause, then the Department may offset the cost of paying Contractor for the additional resources Contractor utilized in providing transition assistance with any damages the Department may have sustained as a result of Contractor’s breach.

  • Information Services Traffic 5.1 For purposes of this Section 5, Voice Information Services and Voice Information Services Traffic refer to switched voice traffic, delivered to information service providers who offer recorded voice announcement information or open vocal discussion programs to the general public. Voice Information Services Traffic does not include any form of Internet Traffic. Voice Information Services Traffic also does not include 555 traffic or similar traffic with AIN service interfaces, which traffic shall be subject to separate arrangements between the Parties. Voice Information services Traffic is not subject to Reciprocal Compensation as Local Traffic under the Interconnection Attachment.