Book Sample Clauses

Book. The Company shall maintain complete and accurate books of account of the Company’s affairs at the Company’s principal office, which books shall be open to inspection by any Member (or its authorized representative) to the extent required by the Act.
Book. During the period beginning January 1, 2019 and ending upon the date of Executive’s cessation of continuous service as a service provider to the Company (the “Relevant Period”), Executive shall be entitled to incur up to $255,000 in expenses for the purpose of Executive authoring a book regarding the care economy to be paid by Company on behalf of Executive or paid by Executive and reimbursed by Company (which amount includes any expenses incurred by Executive and paid by Company on behalf of Executive or paid by Executive and reimbursed by Company in 2019 prior to the Effective Date, as well as reimbursement for taxes incurred by Executive as a result of such Company payments or reimbursements, including any reimbursement for taxes); provided that such amount shall be reduced by (a) the value of any expenses incurred by Executive and paid by Company on behalf of Executive or paid by Executive and reimbursed by Company in 2019 prior to the Effective Date, and (b) the value (determined by the Company in good faith) of Company resources and services (e.g., services of public relations professionals) utilized by Executive during the Relevant Period in the authoring of such book. Any such reimbursements for taxes will be paid to Executive within 60 days following the date Executive incurs the applicable taxes (and in any case no later than December 31 of the year following the year in which the taxes are incurred), subject to Executive’s providing supporting documentation that the Company reasonably requests and submitting reimbursement requests promptly following the date such taxes are incurred. For the avoidance of doubt, reimbursements and payments hereunder shall be subject to Section 6 of the Transition Agreement, and following Executive’s cessation of services to the Company, Executive will remain entitled to such reimbursements and payments with respect to expenses incurred prior to such cessation.
Book. When assessing the notification requirement under Article 78, the voting rights attaching to shares in the trading book of a financial undertaking licensed under points 1 to 6 of paragraph 1 of Article 4 of Act No. 161/2002 on financial undertakings shall not be included in the assessment provided that the proportion of the voting rights in the trading book does not exceed 5% and that the financial undertaking in question ensures that the voting rights are neither exercised nor employed in any other manner directly or indirectly designed to intervene in the management of the issuer.
Book. Putera Astomo. Ilmu Perundang-undangan: Teori xxx Praktik di Indonesia. Depok, Rajawali Pers. 2018. Subekti. Aneka perjanjian. Bandung. Citra Aditya Bakti, 1995. Subekti. Pokok-Pokok Hukum Perdata. Jakarta, Intermasa, 1996. Thesis, Web Page, and Others I Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, “Peneraoan Asas Itikad Baik Dalam Perjanjian Jual Beli Online”, file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/37212- 1033-73964-1-10-20180130.pdf Liputan 6, “Bareskim Catat Ada 1.617 Kasus Penipuan Online pada 2019, Paling Banyak di Instagram”, xxxxx:// 1617-kasus-penipuan-online-pada-2019-paling-banyak-di-instagram. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Wandi, “Tinjauan Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx Menurut Hukum Perdata”, xxxxx://xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/index.php/das-sollen/article/view/971/648. 464 | Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Agustianto, “Sale Purchase Agreement Through Instagram: How Is The View Of The Civil Law?” SAS, 29(3) 2023: 454 - 464
Book. A posting book shall be available in each school or workplace and all job shall be posted as they are received.
Book. The Company will provide a Dental Plan on the following and conditions The following services be charges for dentures an existing is or which be made serviceable dentures within the for the day of the A coincident with or next the completion of six credited service provided that the employee is at work on such day. If the employee is not at on such day, will for coverage under the effective the day that to work used include in the above which does for periods oflayoff.which is with the intended as used in of the Benefits section of the Collective The Plan will reimburse the for of allowable expenses (except for charges to crowns, with a will be payment of and to each employee or dependent. Allowable be based on Dental Fee Schedule of July allowable expenses will the Dental Fee ofOntario. allowable expenses will be based on the Dental Association Scheduleof allowable will be the claim am to exceed for my or will be submitted to the Coverage the Plan will continue the end of the an employee is laid Coverage will be on the day with or next following will be m of the of the FOR UNITED FOOD AND INC. COMMERCIAL WORKERS INTERNATIONALUNION FOR MAPLE LEAF MEATS DRIVE HAMILTON, ONTARIO LOCAL John X.Xxxx March Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Business Representative Local Main Street E. Hatnilton, Ontario Dear Xxxxxxx: With respect to scheduling employees to on Saturday, this will the following: If employee’s religious beliefs do not allow to work on Saturday, the Company the to such employee under the Ontario Human Code. If them is one employee in the plant working on a job classification, such employee not be to work on a Tuesday to Saturday schedule unless it is with the of the employee. The Company that senior may not want to be on Saturday. In the Company will attempt to a junior to assign to the Tuesday to schedule. truly,
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  • Securities Depository The Fund agrees to maintain settlement of the VMTP Shares in global book entry form through the Securities Depository or such other clearance system acceptable to Xxxxx Fargo.