Securities Depository Sample Clauses

Securities Depository. The term Securities Depository shall mean a system, domestic or foreign, for the central handling of securities in which all securities of any particular class or series of any issuer deposited within the system are treated as fungible and may be transferred or pledged by bookkeeping entry without physical delivery of the securities and shall include any system for the issuance of Book-Entry Securities.
Securities Depository. In selecting an Eligible Securities Depository, Custodian shall exercise reasonable care, prudence, and diligence in evaluating the custody risks associated with maintaining Securities with the Eligible Securities Depository under Custodian's custody arrangements with any relevant Eligible Foreign Custodian and the Eligible Securities Depository.
Securities Depository. Securities Depository has the meaning set forth in Rule 17f-4(a).
Securities Depository. The Company acknowledges that the Authority and the Trustee, at the request of the Company, have arranged for the initial deposit of the Bonds with The Depository Trust Company ("DTC") which will act as Securities Depository in order to effectuate a book-entry-only system and that this system may be discontinued or, if discontinued, reinstituted (with DTC or another Securities Depository) in accordance with the Indenture. The Company agrees to take all actions necessary, and to refrain from taking actions contrary to the effectuation of a book-entry-only system established pursuant to the Indenture and any arrangements among the Authority, the Trustee and any Securities Depository. The Authority shall not enter into any written agreements with a Securities Depository without receipt and acceptance of such agreements by the Company.
Securities Depository. Securities Depository has the meaning set forth in Rule 17f-4(a) under the 1940 Act.
Securities Depository. This determination may be made in the context of the overall decision by the Adviser to make an investment that will be held by such securities depository.