Purchase Agreement Sample Clauses

Purchase Agreement. The Sponsor has executed and delivered a Placement Unit Purchase Agreement, the form of which is filed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement (the “Sponsor Unit Purchase Agreement”), pursuant to which the Sponsor will, among other things, on the Closing Date, consummate the purchase of and deliver the purchase price for the Placement Units as provided for in such Sponsor Unit Purchase Agreement. Pursuant to the Sponsor Unit Purchase Agreement, (i) the Sponsor has waived any and all rights and claims each may have to any proceeds, and any interest thereon, held in the Trust Account in respect of the Placement Securities, and (ii) the proceeds from the sale of the Placement Securities will be deposited by the Company in the Trust Account in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement on the Closing Date as provided for in the Sponsor Unit Purchase Agreement.
Purchase Agreement. The representations and warranties of the Company set forth in the Purchase Agreement as they relate to such Guarantor, each of which is hereby incorporated herein by reference, are true and correct as of each time such representations are deemed to be made pursuant to such Purchase Agreement, and the Purchasers shall be entitled to rely on each of them as if they were fully set forth herein, provided that each reference in each such representation and warranty to the Company's knowledge shall, for the purposes of this Section 3, be deemed to be a reference to such Guarantor's knowledge.
Purchase Agreement. See the introductory paragraphs hereof.
Purchase Agreement. As defined in the preamble hereto.
Purchase Agreement. See the introductory paragraphs hereto.
Purchase Agreement. See the introductory paragraph to this Agreement. Records: See Section 6(o).
Purchase Agreement. By its acceptance of this Note, each party agrees to be bound by the applicable terms of the Purchase Agreement.
Purchase Agreement. This Note has been executed and delivered pursuant to, and is one of the Notes issued pursuant to, the Securities Purchase Agreement, dated as of January 3, 2023 (as the same may be amended from time to time, the “Purchase Agreement”), by and among the Maker, the other “Investors” (as such term is defined in the Purchase Agreement) and the Holder. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth for such terms in the Purchase Agreement.