Baseline Sample Clauses

Baseline. For purposes of measuring a reduction in net tax revenue, the interim final rule measures actual changes in tax revenue relative to a revenue baseline (baseline). The baseline will be calculated as fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) tax revenue indexed for inflation in each year of the covered period, with inflation calculated using the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s Implicit Price Deflator.163 FY 2019 was chosen as the starting year for the baseline because it is the last full fiscal year prior to the COVID– 162 See, e.g., Tax Policy Center, How do state earned income tax credits work?, https:// state-earned-income-tax-credits-work/ (last visited May 9, 2021).
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Baseline a. To establish a baseline for determining a New or Increased Diversion, Consumptive Use or Withdrawal, each Party shall develop either or both of the following lists for their jurisdiction:
Baseline original approved plan (for project, work package, or activity), plus or minus approved scope changes. .4
Baseline. (a) Within fifteen (15) days of completion of the Road Construction, the City, SaskPower and the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw (if any Roads fall within the jurisdiction of the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw) will conduct a joint assessment of the Roads for the purpose of determining the baseline conditions which are present on, in or under the Roads prior to commencement of the Construction Period and against which impacts of construction activities will be assessed (the “Baseline Conditions”) upon completion of the Construction Period. SaskPower and the City will evidence in writing their mutual agreement as to the Baseline Conditions identified in the aforesaid Roads assessment. Notwithstanding, the Baseline Conditions will not apply to Corstorphine Avenue.
Baseline. Enrolle’s data compared to referred students who did not enroll in the program. Success: 30% or more improvement in either grades, attendance, or decrease of referrals. Evaluator: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx LPHA, LCSW Use: To show the effectiveness of the program’s ability to decrease violence in the community.
Baseline. DEDICATED MDIO BUS PER CFP8 MODULE The initial PHYADR value in CFP8 is 5b’00000. The CFP8 module comes out of power-up or reset with the default address and responds to any MDIO command with this default address. Host intervention is not required. The MOD_SELn pin is unused by the CFP8 module and can be a ‘no connect’ on the host.
Baseline. The term "Baseline" means the base amount of a Service to be provided by PwCES to Equifax with respect to the Continuing Services as set forth in Exhibit 1, excluding (i) any incremental Service generating Incremental Charges or Incremental Credits or (ii) Additional Services, Ancillary Services or Termination Services.
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Baseline. The Parties shall perform their undertakings for the Activity in accordance with the following documents listed in order of precedence: - The present Contract; - The Minutes of contract negotiation and kick-off meetings, not attached hereto but know to both Parties; - The Contractor’s proposal ref [number of the proposal + abstract]
Baseline. For the purposes of this Safe Harbor Agreement, the baseline condition is defined as spotted owl sites delineated using Xxxxxxxx polygons supporting current resident spotted owls prior to any barred owl removal actions. This determination was based on annual spotted owl surveys. For unsurveyed areas outside of the Xxxxxxxx polygons, we used habitat data from the Northwest Forest Plan monitoring according to the following process. Because of continued monitoring of spotted owls as part of the ongoing spotted owl surveys conducted under the Northwest Forest Plan Monitoring program and by Roseburg BLM in cooperation with RRC, we have strong annual survey data for most of the area that may be included in the Safe Harbor Agreement, and can establish a baseline based on the estimated occupancy status of each spotted owl site. Approach to defining baseline: All protocol surveys to date include at least two years of survey data to make a firm determination of current spotted owl presence. Multiple years of data are even more important now as the spotted owl’s response to the presence of barred owls may have reduced their propensity to respond to call surveys further. For the purposes of this Safe Harbor Agreement, spotted owl sites on which annual surveys detected the presence of at least one resident spotted owl over the last three year period from 2014 through the survey season in 2016 will be considered to support current spotted owls in the Study Area. This represents the minimum baseline sites for the Safe Harbor Agreement. Spotted owl sites listed in Table 3 did not have resident spotted owl responses during the 2014 and 2015survey seasons. If no resident spotted owls respond during the 2016 survey season, these sites will not be included in the baseline. Any of these sites with a resident spotted owl response in 2016 will be added to Table 2 or 3 as baseline spotted owl sites. Both currently occupied and historic spotted owl territories are delineated by Xxxxxxxx polygons. We used these polygons to define spotted owl sites and adjacencies to other well surveyed sites. To delineate the Xxxxxxxx polygons, biologists defined annual site centers (i.e. the most biologically important location from each year based on the following hierarchical ranking: 1) active nest, 2) fledged young, 3) primary roost location, 4) diurnal location, and 5) nocturnal detection) for each site. They used the Euclidean Allocation Distance tool in ArcGIS (ESRI 2011) to delineate a Xxx...
Baseline. As of the Effective Date, [***] will be assumed to be as follows [***]. The Parties agree that [***]
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