Area of use definition

Area of use means a portion of a physical structure that has been set aside to receive, use, or store radioactive material.

Examples of Area of use in a sentence

  • Area of use – Measuring gas dispersal in the ground– Locating the possible leakage point and classifying the leakSymbol Unit – % vol.

  • Building on work from Peralta Quirós & Mehndiratta (2015), we identify zones within the urban area of Buenos Aires which benefit from high transit accessibility.

  • Major spring structures for an average of 350 persons cost about US$ 400, including a spring box (1986 data, Nyangeri 1986).Dimensions: From 0.5 m2 to many square metres.Yield: From many litres per second to less than 0.1 l/s .Area of use: In areas where groundwater arrives at the surface, usually at hillsides or mountainsides.Construction: Spring water captation systems are constructed on-site, often by local craftsmen.

  • For every part of a half hour past midnight, the charge to the damage deposit will be $50.00• Area of use is defined by the white fence separating the patio area from the Driving Range.

  • Note:The ethane analysis cannot be started with the Ethane analysismenu item.Information about carrying out the ethane analysis can be found in section Area of use – Distinguishing between natural gas and swamp gasSymbol Unit – ppm (parts per million)– % vol.

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Area of use means any one or more of the areas identified on the face of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, ‘Commencement Date’ means the date and time noted in the ‘Out’ section on the face hereof, ‘Daily Hire Charge’ means the amount noted as such on the face hereof, ‘Details’ means full name, address related to your driving license, date of birth, phone number, email address, licence number and licence expiry date, ‘Hire Period’ means the period commencing on the Commencement Date and terminating on the Return Date, ‘Hirer’ means a person who has personally (a)Attended at the Rental Location (b) presented a copy of his or her Driver’s licence to the company’s representative, and (c) signed the acknowledgement at the foot of the Agreement; ‘Keys’ means any and all keys relating to the Vehicle and delivered to You by a representative of Wicked Campers; ‘Possession’ means any degree of possession and includes actual custody and lawful, legal and constructive possession; ‘Rental Location’ means the premises from which you take Possession of the Vehicle at the commencement of the Total Hire Period; ‘Return Date’ means the
Area of use means location(s) at the address of use set aside for the purpose of receiving, using or storing radioactive material.
Area of use means a portion of [a physical structure, or a specified out-of-doors location,] an address of use that has been set aside for the purpose of receiving, [producing,] preparing, using, or storing [radioactive] byproduct material.
Area of use means a portion of a physical structure that has been set aside for the purpose of
Area of use means the area of use determined for a tested parent tree under section 5.3.2 (d) (ii);
Area of use an area specified for the individual Participant as set out in Appendix 4.