Auditing Services Sample Clauses

Auditing Services. ARI shall provide Charter School with documentation, reports, and other coordination services in support of the Charter School’s annual audit.
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Auditing Services. Xxxxxx will assist and coordinate with the Employer to enlist the services of an auditor to conduct one audit of the Trust, at Xxxxxx’x expense. This auditor's report will be for the limited purposes of (1) assessing the performance of the Retirement Board of Authority and the service providers in the Program, to ensure that each party’s duties have been performed in accordance with the written agreements governing the Program, and (2) advising the Retirement Board of Authority whether the Trust’s financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP), as is prudent for such an organization.
Auditing Services. 3.1 The Audit Service Provider will perform the Auditing Services in respect of each Entity in accordance with the Supply Conditions for the financial years specified in Item 8 of the Schedule.
Auditing Services. The Company will conduct periodic audits of the general records of the Clients, will supervise the auditing of local and field office records of the Associates, and will coordinate the audit programs of the Clients with those of the independent accountants in the annual examination of their accounts.
Auditing Services. The Telecom Audit Group will conduct an audit of past and present telecommunication billing which covers services and equipment furnished by the client's providers. The purpose is to identify improper charges and errors, including but not limited to, excessive tariffs, excessive features, inflated billing, over provisioning of services, etc.
Auditing Services. WiredWest shall maintain a complete audit trail of all financial and non-financial transactions resulting from or arising in connection with this Agreement. WiredWest shall contract with an outside auditor to provide an annual audit of WiredWest’s books and the books of MLP as set forth in Section 3.2.5. MLP may choose to perform an independent audit, at its own expense, of WiredWest books and WiredWest will provide to MLP, its auditors (including internal audit staff and external auditors), inspectors, regulators and other representatives as MLP may from time to time designate in writing, access at all reasonable times to data and records relating to the Services for the purpose of performing audits and inspections of either WiredWest or any of its subcontractors to verify the accuracy of charges and invoices and examine XxxxxXxxx’s performance of the Services. WiredWest shall cooperate fully with MLP and its designees in connection with audit functions and with regard to examinations by regulatory authorities. MLP's auditors and other representatives shall comply with WiredWest’s reasonable security requirements in connection with audit or examination. Work performed by WiredWest to satisfy MLP’s audit requests that exceeds two (2) hours of WiredWest’s accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing sub-contractors’ time will be billed to MLP at the contract rates. WiredWest shall maintain financial and other records for at least seven (7) years after the end of the Initial Term and any Renewal Term. Access will require twenty-four (24) hour notice to WiredWest and will be provided during reasonable business hours.
Auditing Services. Auditing services, including internal and external audits, quality assurance, security, etc.
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Auditing Services. Provider shall assist the GLO Acting Chief Auditor in conducting co-sourced audit engagements (auditing services and/or compliance reviews) based on the developed audit plan for the IT environment of the CDBG-DR programs. The scopes of the auditing services will vary based on the audit plans and the specific assignments and timing of any Attachment A GLO Contract No. 00-000-000 engagements, as determined by the GLO. However, all work will be in the realm of internal- audit assurance, information security audit, or consulting services. Provider will perform in all the phases of the engagement(s), including planning and conducting risk assessments, conducting fieldwork and testing controls, and developing final conclusions and recommendations for improving processes and/or mitigating risks. For this task, the GLO Acting Chief Auditor has chosen to award this service as a co-sourced arrangement under the direct supervision of the GLO Acting Chief Auditor or his designee. As such, the services provided must comply with all the standards and regulations that apply to the GLO’s Office of Internal Audit.
Auditing Services a. If applicable, assist the County with developing a process to oversee grants, distributed to outside organizations, including communicating the terms and conditions of funding to relevant vendors and sub- recipients.
Auditing Services. All fees and expenses payable or reimbursable to the independent auditors that perform the annual audit specified in Article 3.1 of these Accounting Procedures shall be chargeable.
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