Atmosphere Sample Clauses

Atmosphere. Exhibitors are specifically prohibited from employing any carnival-type attraction, animal or human, or from operating such noise-creating devices as bells, horns, or megaphones. Sound or music within a booth is permitted, but must be controlled to a reasonable level. Show Management may, in its sole and absolute discretion, withdraw its consent at any time, if sound is in violation of this rule. All live musical performances and all use of recorded music (such as recordings, tapes, compact disks or video with either features or background music ) must be licensed by the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), or other agency responsible for licensing the music so performed. Exhibitors must obtain licenses and pay appropriate fees to such organizations before broadcasting music in conjunction with this event. Costumed personnel must be appropriately clad and must remain within the Exhibitor's booth space except when necessarily arriving and leaving the booth or exhibit area. Exhibitor must comply with all federal, state and local laws and codes, rules and regulations of the Event facility. Exhibitor must construct his exhibit to comply with the Americans with Disabilities act.
Atmosphere. Venue agrees to promote a listening room atmosphere. Applause, singing and laughing is appreciated, too much conversation during the show is distracting to other listeners as well as the songwriter/performer. Talking is encouraged between performances but ask that during the performance, audience members keep their voices low and talking to a minimum.
Atmosphere. The COP should ensure that:
Atmosphere supplying respirators must be supplied with respirable air of grade D quality or better as defined by the Compressed Gas Association in publication G-7.1, “Commodity Specification for Air,” 1997, and included in the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (29 CFR 1910.134(i)(1)(ii)(A) through (E)). Grade D quality air criteria include:
Atmosphere. Licensee shall maintain an appropriate atmosphere for the Licensed Location and the Hotel/Casino and will not permit any illegal, immoral or other inappropriate activity to be conducted thereon.
Atmosphere. The study and working atmosphere in this course complete agreementwas pleasant. not at all n=8av.=1,4md=1 dev.=0,5 1 2345 75% 25%0%0%0% I felt free to ask questions and make comments. complete agreement not at all n=8av.=1,3md=1 dev.=0,5 1 2345 50% 25%25%0%0% The lecturer inspired my motivation to learn. complete agreement not at all n=8av.=1,8md=1,5 dev.=0,9 1 2345
Atmosphere. A-1 Cloud Product Group: Cloud Flag [standard product], Classified Cloud Fraction [standard product], Cloud-Top Temperature and Height [standard product], Water Cloud Optical Thickness and Particle Effective Radius [standard product], Ice Cloud Optical Thickness [standard product], Water Cloud Geometrical Thickness [research product]∙ Stable accuracy of the standard cloud retrieval algorithms applicable to the long- term environmental change analysis will be based on the algorithm developed until previous RA∙ Effective use of polarization, multi-angle, near-UV, and O2A band is encouraged∙ Collaboration with common subject C-1 is needed.∙ Validation study of cloud coverage using the all-sky camera system which has been developed by JAXA is encouraged.∙ Cooperation with other JAXA satellite missions (e.g., research collaboration, work sharing, and participation in workshops) is desired for investigating the cloud radiative forcing by integrated analysis of the multiple satellite data.∙ Combined analysis with the numerical model through a radiative transfer model and extension to model assimilation is desired. A-2 Aerosol Product Group: Aerosol over the Ocean and Land [standard product]∙ JAXA will take initiatives in development of the generalized algorithm and integrated use of aerosol products from multiple sensorssynthetic analysis with numerical models and collaboration with assimilation researches are encouraged∙ Contribution to defining candidate aerosol models and improving and validating the radiative transfer process (including polarization) are needed for the atmospheric correction over the land and the ocean.∙ Cooperation with AHI and EarthCARE such as research partnerships, work sharing, and participation in workshops is desired for investigating cloud-aerosol interaction. A-3 Surface Radiation Flux Group: Short-Wave Radiation Flux [research product], Long-Wave Radiation Flux [research product]∙ JAXA will take initiatives in developing algorithms for the satellite-basis downward shortwave radiation.∙ Downward long-wave radiation will be estimated by using Cloud Geometrical Thickness.∙ BRDF consideration is encouraged for the upward short- and long-wave radiation∙ Combined analysis with a numerical model through radiative transfer models, its extension to model assimilation, and synthetical estimation with other sensors (e.g., AHI) are desired. O. Ocean O-1 Ocean Atmospheric Correction Group: Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance (NWLR) [standard pro...
Atmosphere. Oct 3 – Temperature LS Ch 55– Global Factors LS Ch 23
Atmosphere. 2.1) The study and working atmosphere in this course was pleasant. complete agreement not at all n=8 av.=1,4 md=1,0 dev.=0,5 2.2) I felt free to ask questions and make comments. complete agreement not at all n=8 av.=1,3 md=1,0 dev.=0,5 2.3) The lecturer inspired my motivation to learn. complete agreement not at all n=8 av.=1,8 md=1,5 dev.=0,9 2.4) The lecturer was motivated. complete agreement not at all n=8 av.=1,5 md=1,5 dev.=0,5