Annuity Fund Sample Clauses

Annuity Fund i. Effective June 1, 1999, the parties agree to establish an annuity fund for all employees covered by the 1995 MCMEA. To be eligible to receive this annuity, an employee must be in active pay status at any time during the period June 1, 1996 through May 31, 1997. To receive payment, said employee must also be in active pay status on June 1, 1999
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Annuity Fund. 13.3.1 The EMPLOYER agrees to be bound by all provisions set forth in the Agreement and Declaration of Trust, and all amendments thereto, governing establishment and operation of the I.U.P.A.T. District Council 21 Annuity Fund. The Trust Agreement provides inter alia, for the receipt of contributions by the I.U.P.A.T. District Council 21 Annuity Fund for the purpose of providing pension and other related benefits to eligible workers and their families, in such form and amounts as the Trustees of the I.U.P.A.T. District Council 21 Annuity Fund may determine in conformity with the discretion vested in them under provisions set forth in the Trust Agreement. The EMPLOYER agrees to contribute for each EMPLOYEE covered by this Agreement to the Annuity Fund in the manner provided herein, in the then current amounts and for the periods as set forth in Article 5.
Annuity Fund. To fund the Operating Engineers Annuity Plan, each Individual Employer covered by this Agreement shall pay into the Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers, according to the following schedule: $ .40 per hour – Effective 7/1/2016 $.60 per hour – Effective 6/29/2020 $.80 per hour – Effective 6/28/2021 $1.00 per hour – Effective 6/27/2022 *To be allocated by the Union.
Annuity Fund. The University shall contribute to the Annuity Fund of IATSE Local One for each full- time and hourly employee, subject to exclusions for hourly employees, as set forth below who is covered by such Annuity Fund, as follows:
Annuity Fund a. Effective June 1, 1999, the parties agree to establish an annuity fund for all employees covered by this Agreement.
Annuity Fund. The Employer agrees to make contributions to the Union Annuity Fund as per “Schedule A” annexed hereto. The Employer agrees to contribute twenty-five cents ($.25) per hour, per employee, for each hour worked by employees covered herein, to the Union Annuity Fund. The Employer agrees to contribute any other contribution specified in “Schedule A” annexed hereto, to the Annuity Fund on all hours worked or paid, including overtime hours, holiday and vacation.
Annuity Fund. Section 1. It is hereby mutually understood and agreed that commencing March 2, 2015 the Employer shall contribute as agreed and allocate as set forth hereinafter on the Fringe Benefit Schedule. Check in payment of said contributions shall be made payable to Local 137 Joint Fund’s account and shall be delivered to the Local 137 Fund’s Office by the 30th day of the following month.
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Annuity Fund. 6. (a) The Contractor agrees to pay into the Michigan Laborers' Annuity Fund the hourly contribution listed in Article V on each hour actually paid each employee doing work covered by this Agreement.
Annuity Fund a. The Board shall contribute at the rate of $550 per year to the Teachers' Retirement System to be credited monthly to the annuity account of each supervisor covered by Article III A of this Agreement who is at the maximum step of his/her salary schedule.
Annuity Fund. Section 1. The Employer shall pay to the Engineers’ Union Local 68 Annuity Fund, duly established in accordance with law, the following amounts Effective 7/1/09 $0.10 per hour Effective 7/1/10 $0.20 per hour Such contributions shall be made for all hours which an employee gets paid, thus including payment for holidays, sick days and paid vacations. Not to exceed a maximum of eight (8) hours per day or forty (40) hours per week. Effective July 1, 2009, and every July 1 for the term of this agreement the employees will be able to divert money from their wage increase into the Annuity Fund. The Union will notify the University no later than May 1, 2009 and every May 1 thereafter the amount, if any, the employees have elected to divert to the Annuity Fund, and any such diversions will be memorialized in a letter of Agreement annexed to this Collective Bargaining Agreement.
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