Annuity Sample Clauses

Annuity. 24.1 If the policy schedule states that the insured amount is a surviving dependant's annuity within the meaning of Section 3.125(1)(b) of the Income Tax Act 2001, this article shall apply.
Annuity. Unless you designate another Payee, you will be the Payee of the Annuity Payments. The Adjusted Contract Value will be applied to the applicable Annuity Table contained in this Contract based upon the Annuity Option you have selected. The amount of the first payment for each $1,000 of Adjusted Contract Value is shown in the Annuity Tables. If when Annuity Payments begin we are using tables of annuity rates for these Contracts which result in larger Annuity Payments, we will use those tables instead. Annuity Payments will depend on the age and sex of the Annuitant, where permitted.
Annuity. A series of payments We make for life, a definite period or a combination of the two.
Annuity. The Board of School Trustees agrees to establish and make available to members of the bargaining unit a 403(b) plan as approved by the Board on November 23, 2008. By adopting a 403(b) plan the Lafayette School Corporation (LSC) assumes only those responsibilities required of a non-ERISA plan sponsor. The Lafayette School Corporation does not assume any responsibility or liability for the success or failure of the performance of individual participants’ investment selections. The LEA and the LSC agree to establish a committee of ten (10) people, five (5) appointed by the LEA and five
Annuity. If a Certificate Owner selects a Fixed Annuity, the Adjusted Certificate Value is allocated to the General Account and the Annuity is paid as a Fixed Annuity. If the Certificate Owner selects a Variable Annuity, the Adjusted Certificate Value will be allocated to the Sub-accounts of the Separate Account in accordance with the selection he or she makes, and the Annuity will be paid as a Variable Annuity. A Certificate Owner can also select a combination of a Fixed and Variable Annuity and the Adjusted Certificate Value will be allocated accordingly. If a Certificate Owner does not select between a Fixed Annuity and a Variable Annuity, any Adjusted Certificate Value in the Variable Account will be applied to a Variable Annuity and any Adjusted Certificate Value in the Fixed Account will be applied to a Fixed Annuity. The Adjusted Certificate Value will be applied to the applicable Annuity Table contained in the Certificate based upon the Annuity Option a Certificate Owner selects. If, as of the Income Date, the current Annuity Option rates applicable to the class of Certificates issued under the Group Contract provide an initial Annuity Payment greater than the initial Annuity Payment guaranteed under the applicable Annuity Table in the Certificate, the greater payment will be made.
Annuity. The Board shall allow a teacher to enroll in a tax-deferred annuity plan through payroll deduction, pursuant to section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended. (Said plan to be in accordance with the underwriting carrier's rules and regulations.)
Annuity. If the agreement references future payments based upon the purchase of an annuity contract, provide a summary specifying all of the following: that the annuity be purchased from a life insurance carrier rated “A” or better by A.M. Best or Standard & Poor, the total amount payable pursuant to the annuity, cost [present value] of the annuity, schedule of payments to be made, provision if claimant dies before the final payout, and a statement that to the extent they conflict, the terms of the agreement are controlling over the terms of the annuity contract. It is not necessary to provide the annuity contract.
Annuity. The National Elevator Industry 401(k) Retirement Plan shall have a provision added to enable the Plan to accept annuity contributions and shall be known as the Elevator Constructors Annuity and 401(k)