Premiums Sample Clauses

Premiums. Each Owner will pay every premium on any life insurance policies that he or she is required to maintain under this Article. Further, each Owner will give each other Owner proof of such payment within fifteen days after the date the premium was due. If any Owner fails to provide such proof, any other Owner may pay the premium and be reimbursed for his or her payment by the Owner who failed to provide such proof. All dividends on such policies shall be applied to the payment of premiums.
Premiums. The initial Premium is due on or before the Effective Date of this Agreement. Subsequent Premiums are due on the Premium Due Date. The Premium Due Date is the first day of the month for the period for which the Premium applies. The initial Premium is required to effectuate coverage under this Agreement. If the Subscriber elects an electronic payment, CareFirst BlueChoice will not debit or charge the amount of the Premium due prior to the Premium Due Date, except as authorized by the Subscriber.
Premiums. All premiums which are due under the Policies have been paid.
Premiums. A. Reinsurance premiums shall be paid annually in advance on a policy year basis. Premiums shall be calculated by applying the premium rates per thousand to the net amount at risk as described in ARTICLE II above. The premium rates per thousand are those specified in SCHEDULE D. The rates in SCHEDULE D shall apply to both automatic and facultative reinsurance.