Annual Conference Sample Clauses

Annual Conference. Representatives of the Branch and the Association shall organize an annual Crown Counsel professional development conference. The cost of the conference shall be borne by the Branch. Crown Counsel shall be given the necessary leave with pay to attend the annual conference.
Annual Conference. 1.1.1 The Board will grant release time for two (2) authorized delegates to attend the Annual State Conference. Total time allotted shall not exceed ten (10) working days.
Annual Conference. Whenever reasonably possible, the District will release unit members who serve as Chapter delegates to attend CSEA’s annual conference. Such release will be without pay unless CSEA reimburses the District for the full cost of the employeeswages and benefits.
Annual Conference. 9.6.1 In each year, on a date falling as near as practicable to, but in any event not later than, eight months after the immediately preceding annual general meeting, a meeting of Pool Members shall be convened and held which shall not be the annual general meeting but which may (but need not) be convened as an extraordinary general meeting (the "Annual Conference").
Annual Conference. By October 1 of each year, each unit member will meet with the evaluating administrator for a reflective conversation/professional dialogue that might include, but is not limited, to the unit member’s intended emphasis from the CSTP shown above. At the Annual Conference a determination shall be made regarding the evaluation process to be followed for that school year, whether the standard process or alternative process. Nothing discussed in the Annual Conference shall preclude the administrator from evaluating the teacher on all elements as outlined in section III above.
Annual Conference. A. An annual evaluation conference date is established by the immediate supervisor.
Annual Conference. Attend the Annual Wisconsin Space Conference, making a presentation and submitting a proceedings paper for the Proceedings of the Wisconsin Space Conference. □ Social Media: Follow Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium on the WSGC Facebook or Twitter. □ Congressional Thank You: Write your Congressional Senators and Representative a Thank You note for this publicly funded award. □ Publications: Provide WSGC with copies and links to any publications highlighting your participation in this program. □ Contact Information: Inform WSGC Program Office immediately of any changes in address, phone number, department, advisor, institution, graduation date, etc. □ Annual Tracking Survey. This survey will be emailed to me by NASA. □ NASA/WSGC Acknowledgement: Please acknowledge the support of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium in your reports, and in any papers or presentations that emanate as a result of your award.
Annual Conference. Fifty percent (50%) of the Exhibit fee if cancelled on or before 31 days of the event. • One hundred percent (100%) if cancelled within 30 days of the event. All cancellation notices must be in writing and received at ADISA’s office. Cancellation by ADISA: ADISA may cancel this Contract without liability if, for reasons beyond the control of XXXXX, XXXXX is unable to comply with the terms of the Contract or hold the Meeting as scheduled. In the event ADISA cancels, Exhibitor shall be entitled to a refund of all exhibit fees paid. Exhibit Restrictions All display structures and materials must be placed within the confines of your rented exhibit space. Exhibitors must take caution not to impair the line‐of‐sight of adjacent booths and to comply with specific height, floor surface, or other posted boundary requirements. Exhibitor must ask and receive written permission for any display reaching over eight feet (8’) in height. Any sound or music must be at a level that does not interfere with adjacent exhibit spaces. ADISA reserves the right to make the final determination about the reasonableness and appropriateness of any display and to require any necessary adjustment to correct infractions. The Exhibitor will be responsible for any costs incurred for these adjustments. The numbers of offerings/sponsors are limited based on exhibit size. Contact ADISA for more detail. No alcohol may be served from exhibit booths without ADISA’s written permission. ADISA reserves the right to reject or terminate exhibit privileges of any exhibitor due to conduct of personnel, method of operation or materials deemed by ADISA to be objectionable or detrimental to the show.
Annual Conference. We may, in our sole discretion, hold a mandatory Annual Conference at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida or at another location that we determine, no more than once per calendar year, that will last approximately 3 days. We may also require you to attend up to 4 quarterly meetings per calendar year, that will last no more than 3 days each. We will determine the topics and agenda of the Annual Conference and quarterly meetings, which generally will include updating our franchisees on new developments affecting them and exchanging information between our franchisees and our personnel concerning the operations and programs of the franchise operation. We may require you (or your Operating Principal) and one or more of the operating managers of the Store to attend the Annual Conference (if any) and the quarterly meetings. You will be responsible for the travel and living expenses of such persons, and we may charge you a reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs and expenses of such conferences.
Annual Conference. Present the results of your studies associated with this program at the 26th Annual Wisconsin Space Conference tentatively scheduled August 11, 2016 at the University of Wisconsin- Superior in Superior, WI. □ Proceeding Paper: Your team will submit a Proceedings Paper for the 26th Annual Wisconsin Space Conference online journal by September 15, 2016. Payout/Reimbursement You have been awarded an $8000 stipend. This stipend will be paid out to you directly in four equal installments: November 2015, February 2016, May 2016, and August 2016. Your team will be reimbursed up to $1000 for payload supplies. To initiate reimbursement payouts, please complete and mail the Team Funded Program Expense Reimbursement Form to the WSGC Program Office, allowing 60 days for payment. Original receipts must accompany the Team Funded Program Expense Reimbursement Form. Receipts postmarked after August 1, 2016 will not be eligible for reimbursement. Your team will be reimbursed up to $5000 for attendance at a Professional Conference and the Annual Wisconsin Space Conference and presentation of research. To initiate payout, your advisor must submit an invoice and the Tethered Aerostat Program Payment Information Form to the WSGC Program Office by February 12, 2016, allowing 60 days for payment. Important Tax Information Award recipients assume the responsibility for any and all income tax liabilities. WSGC recommends that you document all expenditures, and maintain a record of all original receipts. Please note that although this should not affect any other scholarships, fellowships, or aide coming directly from your institution, this may affect a federal aid package.