Structural Members Sample Clauses

Structural Members. New or existing structural members and elements, including reinforcing bars and seismic bracing, shall not be cut, bored, or drilled except by written authority of the Architect. Work done contrary to such authority is at the Contractor’s risk, subject to replacement at its own expense and without reimbursement under the Contract. Agency approvals shall be obtained by the Architect, not by the Contractor.
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Structural Members. All structural members shall be maintained structurally sound, in good repair, and be capable of safely supporting the imposed loads.
Structural Members. The Client(s) acknowledge that the Building Inspection Licensee will not offer an opinion as to whether or not any structural component of the building is or is not capable of bearing the load(s) for which it is used and that such an opinion should be provided only by a licensed structural engineer.
Structural Members. Tenant shall maintain the structural members of the Demised Premises which shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, painting, snow removal and prevention of undermining. The time permitted by Tenant to effectuate Tenant's Repairs shall be extended for such period as may reasonably be necessary provided Tenant is continuously, diligently and in good faith prosecuting the same. In addition, Landlord, may cause at Landlord's expense, independent private building inspectors, qualified in the specific discipline, to make inspections of the Building and Building systems or segments thereof to determine Tenant's compliance under this Section. If Tenant does not timely or properly perform Tenant's Repairs as above provided, Landlord may, but need not, after thirty (30) days' notice to Tenant, make such repairs, replacements or maintenance in a reasonably diligent fashion, and Tenant shall pay Landlord forthwith upon being billed for same by Landlord all of Landlord's actual costs incurred in connection therewith. Landlord may, but shall not be required to, enter the Demised Premises at all reasonable times upon reasonable notice (except in the instance of an emergency) to make such repairs, alterations, improvements and additions to the Demised Premises or to any equipment, fixtures or landscaping located on the Demised Premises as Landlord deems reasonably necessary and which Tenant failed to do as required in this Lease after written notice from Landlord. However, any and all repairs, replacements or maintenance made by Landlord pursuant to this Lease shall be done in a reasonably diligent manner and so as to minimize any disruption to Tenant's business operations.
Structural Members. Tenant will perform all necessary patching or repair work with respect to fireproofing on all monocoate structural members in the Premises. (i) Storage in both sales areas and stock areas shall be located at least 3 inches above the finished floor of tenant Premises.

Related to Structural Members

  • Initial Members The initial Members of the LLC, their initial capital contributions, and their percentage interest in the LLC are as follows: Members Percentage Interest in LLC Capital Contribution (If any)

  • New Members No person may be admitted as a member of the Company without the approval of the Member.

  • Additional Members One or more additional members may be admitted to the Company with the consent of the Member. Prior to the admission of any such additional members to the Company, the Member shall amend this Agreement to make such changes as the Member shall determine to reflect the fact that the Company shall have such additional members. Each additional member shall execute and deliver a supplement or counterpart to this Agreement, as necessary.

  • Structural (i) Structural floor plans and sections with detailing well advanced.

  • Substitute Members No transferee of all or part of a Member's Membership Interest shall become a substitute Member in place of the transferor unless and until:

  • Structural Changes Owner expressly withholds from Pinnacle any power or authority to make any structural changes in any building, or to make any other major alterations or additions in or to any such building or to any equipment in any such building, or to incur any expense chargeable to Owner other than expenses related to exercising the express powers vested in Pinnacle through this Agreement, without the prior written consent of Owner. However, such emergency repairs as may be required because of danger to life or property, or which are immediately necessary for the preservation and safety of the Project or the safety of the tenants and occupants thereof, or required to avoid the suspension of any necessary service to the Project, or to comply with any applicable federal state or local laws, regulations or ordinances, shall be authorized pursuant to section 4.2 of this Agreement, and Pinnacle shall notify Owner appropriately.

  • Committee Members See Section 3.5(a). -----------------

  • Substituted Members Subject to the provisions of Article X hereof, in connection with the Permitted Transfer of a Unit hereunder, the Permitted Transferee shall become a Substituted Member on the effective date of such Transfer, which effective date shall not be earlier than the date of compliance with the conditions to such Transfer, and such admission shall be shown on the books and records of the Company, including the Schedule of Members.

  • Removal of Board Members Each Stockholder also agrees to vote, or cause to be voted, all Shares owned by such Stockholder, or over which such Stockholder has voting control, from time to time and at all times, in whatever manner as shall be necessary to ensure that:

  • Changes in General Partner 7.1 Transfer of the General Partner’s Partnership Interest.

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