City Sample Clauses

City. City's representative ("City's Representative") authorized to act on City's behalf, and his or her address for Notice delivery is: City of Glendale c/o Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 0000 X Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 With required copy to: City Manager City Attorney City of Glendale City of Glendale 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000
City. City means the City of Toronto. The words “City” or “City of Toronto” wherever used in the Agreement shall be regarded as synonymous.
City. The City Manager or his/her designee, shall represent City for all purposes under this Agreement. The City Manager or designee is hereby designated as the Project Manager. The Project Manager shall supervise the progress and execution of this Agreement.
City. The word “City” means the City of Xxxxxx, Texas. For purposes of this Agreement, the City’s address is X.X. Xxx 000, 000 X. Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000.