Additional Capacity Sample Clauses

Additional Capacity. 12.5.1 The Concessionaire shall have the right but not the obligation to construct and develop the Hospital to provide for any number of Licensed Beds exceeding the Bed Capacity; provided that the Authority has, upon the request of the Concessionaire in this regard, expressly approved in writing the construction and development of such Additional Capacity. In the event that the Concessionaire exercises its right to construct and develop the Hospital to provide for Licensed Beds in excess of the Bed Capacity, it shall do so at its own risk, cost and expense and only to the extent that such expansion shall not adversely affect the quality of the services including Healthcare Services at the Hospital. All the terms, conditions, rights and obligations of the Concessionaire in relation to construction and operation of Phase-I and Phase-II shall apply mutatis mutandis for the construction, development and operation of any Additional Capacity, including, submission of periodic reports and other relevant documents (including but not limited to Construction Documents and the Drawings) to the Authority and the Independent Engineer under Clauses 12, 13, 14 and 15. In such a case, the Concessionaire and the Authority may mutually agree to amend the provisions of this Agreement to provide for such approved Additional Capacity, including but not limited to, the provisions relating to Key Performance Indicators and Termination Payments.
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Additional Capacity. Commencing September 19, 2011, the amount of outroute satellite capacity to be provided by HNS on *** will be increased by ***. Commencing on September 29, 2011, the amount of satellite capacity to be provided by HNS on *** to the price levels listed below. ***
Additional Capacity firm capacity proposed by GRTgaz following the implementation of a buy-back procedure pursuant to the clause “Capacity Buy-Back procedure” in Section B.
Additional Capacity. For the purposes of Clause 11 any Pool Member who acquires an additional capacity in which it participates as a Pool Member shall be deemed to have been admitted as a new Pool Member pursuant to Clause 8.2 in that additional capacity and until the third Quarter Day next falling after the date such Pool Member's application to the Executive Committee pursuant to Clause 8.12 is approved, it shall have that number of Weighted Votes in that additional capacity as fall to be determined in accordance with the provisions of Clause 11.3.1. Thereafter, such Pool Member's Weighted Votes shall be calculated in accordance with Clause 11.2.
Additional Capacity. Commencing April 1, 2011, the amount of satellite capacity to be provided by HNS on both the *** and the *** will be increased by ***, to the price levels listed below. For the sake of clarity, the table below also include the pricing and technical parameters for ***. ***
Additional Capacity. 28.2.1 The Mine Operator may, upon request from the Authority and in accordance with Applicable Laws, Specifications and Standards and Maintenance Requirements, construct, install and operate any excavation/extraction capacity which is in addition to and in excess of the Contracted Capacity (the "Additional Capacity").
Additional Capacity. Each Owner agrees upon behalf of itself and its Affiliates that prior to RFS Acceptance to the extent capacity and/or dark fiber (outside the scope of the Network) is obtained in Germany, each such party shall offer a portion of such capacity and/or dark fiber to the other Owners on commercially reasonable terms and conditions as determined by the offering Owner.
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Additional Capacity. (i) At any time, so long as the Grantor determines that Capacity is available on the Global Crossing Network and so long as the Grantor and Purchaser have mutually agreed upon the applicable Purchase Price, Annual Maintenance Cost Payment and Requested Activation Date, the Purchaser may elect to purchase Capacity pursuant to this Agreement in addition to that provided for in Section 2(a) hereof.
Additional Capacity. Asia Netcom may order (for and on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries) from EAN Network and its Subsidiaries, and EAN Network may agree (for and on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries) to deliver to Asia Netcom and its Subsidiaries, capacity in addition to the Initial Capacity (hereafter “Additional Capacity”). Any order for Additional Capacity shall be made in writing by Asia Netcom and shall contain, among other things, an accurate description of such Additional Capacity, fair market pricing for such Additional Capacity that has been mutually agreed between the Parties, and any other operation or technical information necessary for EAN Network and its Subsidiaries to activate such Additional Capacity. Any such order for Additional Capacity shall not be effective unless and until signed by authorized representatives for both Parties. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Agreement shall obligate EAN Network (for and on behalf of itself or its Subsidiaries) to accept any order for Additional Capacity from Asia Netcom (for and on behalf of itself or its Subsidiaries).
Additional Capacity. (a) The Port Operator may, from time to time, release additional Capacity for the purpose of increasing Port operational efficiency (Additional Capacity).
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