Fiduciary Capacity Sample Clauses

Fiduciary Capacity. If Investor is purchasing the Shares in a fiduciary capacity for another person or entity, including without limitation a corporation, partnership, trust or any other entity, the Investor has been duly authorized and empowered to execute this Agreement and all other subscription documents. Upon request of the Company, Investor will provide true, complete and current copies of all relevant documents creating the Investor, authorizing its investment in the Company and/or evidencing the satisfaction of the foregoing.
Fiduciary Capacity. You will be and act toward Aspreva as a fiduciary in respect of the Confidential Information.
Fiduciary Capacity. It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that (i) this Confirmation is executed and delivered by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, not in its indxxxxxal capacity but solely as Securities Administrator on behalf of the Trustee under the PSA in the exercise of the powers and authority conferred to and vested in it thereunder, (ii) each of the representations, undertakings and agreements herein made on behalf of the trust created under the PSA is made and intended not as personal representation, undertaking or agreement of the Securities Administrator, but is made and intended for the purpose of binding only such trust and (iii) under no circumstances shall Wells Fargo Bank, National Association in its individual capacity be personally liable for the payment of any indebtedness or expenses or be personally liable for the breach or failure of any obligation, representation, warranty or covenant made or undertaken under this Confirmation. MORGAN STANLEY
Fiduciary Capacity. A Partner may own one or more interests in a fiduciary capacity, such as a trustee under a trust agreement, as executor or a personal representative of an estate, or as custodian. Except as hereinafter provided, such fiduciary will have no interest or obligation individually with respect to any such interests, but will be considered as acting solely in such fiduciary capacity. If a Partner acting in a fiduciary capacity ceases to act as such, the successor fiduciary shall be a Partner in the same fiduciary capacity with the same rights and obligations as the predecessor fiduciary. A person may be a Partner in an individual capacity and a Partner in one or more fiduciary capacities.
Fiduciary Capacity. Underwriter agrees that any purchase payments it receives for the Contracts will be held in a fiduciary capacity and agrees to transfer any such amount to ILIAC within three business days.
Fiduciary Capacity. If Investor is subscribing for the Shares from the Company in a fiduciary capacity, Investor makes these representations and warranties on behalf of the person(s) or entity(ies) for whom Investor will contribute and exchange the Rollover Shares for the Company's Shares.
Fiduciary Capacity. Any person or group of persons may serve in more than one Fiduciary capacity with respect to the Plan.
Fiduciary Capacity. If this Agreement is executed and delivered on behalf of a corporation or legal entity other than a natural person: (i) such corporation or other entity has the full legal right, power, and authority and approval required (A) to execute and deliver, or authorize execution and delivery of, this Agreement, and (B) to purchase and hold the Profits Units; and (ii) the signature of the person or party signing on behalf of such corporation or entity is binding upon such corporation or entity. Upon request of Company, Subscriber will provide true, complete, and correct copies of all relevant documents creating Subscriber, authorizing its investment in Company, and/or evidencing the satisfaction of the foregoing.