Healthcare services definition

Healthcare services means all inpatient services (i.e., acute-care diagnostic and therapeutic inpatient hospital services), outpatient services (i.e., acute-care diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient services, including but not limited to ambulatory surgery and radiology services), and professional services (i.e., medical services provided by physicians or other licensed medical professionals) to the extent offered by Defendant and within the scope of services covered on an in-network basis pursuant to a contract between Defendant and an Insurer. “Healthcare Services” does not mean management of patient care, such as through population health programs or employee or group wellness programs.
Healthcare services means any services included in the furnishing to any individual
Healthcare services means services or goods provided for

Examples of Healthcare services in a sentence

  • Healthcare services are delivered in complex environments involving interactions among many care providers and stakeholders.

  • The provision of Healthcare services in Government Hospitals is either free or subsidised on a cost sharing basis.Kenya has qualified and competent healthcare workers whose services have gained recognition throughout the Great Lakes Region (GLR).

  • Healthcare services need to be delivered efficiently to keep the system sustainable.

  • Healthcare services provided to prevent an injury from occurring are excluded from this term for the purpose of Serious Event determinations.

  • Healthcare services are among these institutions, since they are in frequent contact with migrants, and consequently, they have to deal with particular communication problems in order to treat their illnesses.

More Definitions of Healthcare services

Healthcare services means services provided for diagnosis, treatment or care of persons suffering from any physical or mental disease, injury or disability including procedures that are similar to forms of medical, dental or surgical care but are not provided in connection with a medical condition and includes any other service notified by the Government;
Healthcare services means services for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, or relief of a health condition, illness, injury, or disease;
Healthcare services means services for the diagnosis, prevention,
Healthcare services means preventive, curative, promotive, rehabilitative health services and include diagnostic, support services, laboratory, accident and emergency, pharmacy and paramedic support;
Healthcare services means delivering or providing or arranging to deliver or provide or administering, managing or monitoring air ambulance services, including without limitation, the sale, delivery, transportation, provision or administration of, people, health or healthcare items, goods or services but excluding search and rescue.
Healthcare services means services for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, or relief of a physical, mental, or behavioral health condition, illness, injury, or disease, including mental health and substance use disorders;
Healthcare services means any medical or other healthcare-related services that the Company delivers or is responsible for delivering to patients through physicians, professional medical corporations, ancillary service providers, and other contracted providers engaged by the Company to provide such services, including any medical or other healthcare-related services with respect to which the Company is entitled to receive capitation payments, fee-for-service payments, risk pool settlements, incentive payments or other fees.