OWNER AGREES Sample Clauses

OWNER AGREES. 3.1 Owner is the lawful Owner of Premises and has the legal right to enter into this agreement.
OWNER AGREES. The Owners jointly and severally make the following covenants, all of which shall be carried out at the Owner's expense:
OWNER AGREES. A. The Owner shall refer to the Agent all inquiries that the Owner may receive relating to the subject premises. All negotiations with respect to the leasing, subleasing, assignment, release, or other disposition of any lease or leases covering the premises, shall be conducted exclusively through the Agent.
OWNER AGREES. To give Agent the following authority and powers (all or any of which may be exercised in the name of Owner) and agrees to assume all expenses in connection therewith:
OWNER AGREES. 4.1 To indemnify, defend and save the Agent harmless from all suits in connection with the Premises and from liability for damage to property and injuries or death of any employee or other person whomsoever, and to carry at Owner's own expense public liability naming the Owner and the Agent and adequate to protect their interests and in form, substance and amounts reasonably satisfactory to the Agent, and to furnish to the Agent certificates evidencing the existence of such insurance. Unless the Owner shall provide such insurance and furnish such certificate within 30 days from the date of the Agreement, the Agent may, but shall not be obligated to, place said insurance and charge the cost thereof to the account of the Owner. All such insurance policies shall provide that the Agent shall receive thirty (30) days written notice prior to cancellation of the policy.
OWNER AGREES. (a) To permit Tenant to quietly and peaceably enjoy the apartment.
OWNER AGREES. 4.1 Owner is the lawful owner of Premises and has legal right to enter into this agreement and legal right to rent property.
OWNER AGREES. 34 To cooperate fully with Broker (and Owner’s Designated Agent) and refer all inquiries to Broker (and Owner’s Designated Agent), to allow inspection of 35 property and entry at convenient times by Broker and/or cooperating Brokers whether alone or accompanied by Broker, for the purpose of showing it to 36 prospective Purchasers, to conduct all negotiations through Broker, to pay to Broker $ for Broker’s advertising and marketing 37 costs, to pay Broker a commission or compensation in the amount of in the event Broker produces a Purchaser 38 ready, willing and able to purchase the premises on the terms herein provided; or if the property is sold, gifted, exchanged, optioned (and such option is 39 exercised before or subsequent to the termination of this agreement), a joint venture is contracted, or the property is exchanged through or as a result 40 of Broker’s service and efforts, or Owner’s, or any other person or persons during the period of this agreement; or if the property is sold, gifted, optioned, 41 joint ventured, or exchanged within one hundred eighty (180) days after termination of this agreement to any person to whom the property was submitted 42 during the term of this agreement.