OWNER AGREES Sample Clauses

OWNER AGREES. The Owners jointly and severally make the following covenants, all of which shall be carried out at the Owner's expense:
OWNER AGREES. 3.1 Owner is the lawful Owner of Premises and has the legal right to enter into this agreement.
OWNER AGREES. 1. To permit Tenant to utilize the Rental Property for dates listed above in this agreement. (Any extra use must be pre-approved by the Executive Director of the Tallahassee Little Theatre prior to any such use.)
OWNER AGREES. To give Agent the following authority and powers (all or any of which may be exercised in the name of Owner) and agrees to assume all expenses in connection therewith:
OWNER AGREES. (a) To indemnify and hold Operator free and harmless from any liability for injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property due to any cause whatsoever, either in or about the Complex or elsewhere, as a result of the performance of this Agreement by Operator, its agents, workmen, servants, officers, directors or employees, irrespective of whether caused, wholly or partially, by the negligence of Operator, its agents, officers, directors or employees; and,
OWNER AGREES. (a) To pay the broker one (1) month’s rent for procuring a qualified tenant. This fee to be due when tenant enters into the lease. The fee will be deducted from monies collected from tenant;
OWNER AGREES. 4.3.1 The Owner hereby agrees to observe, perform and comply with all the terms and conditions, stipulations and restrictions, if any, which may have been imposed by the concerned authority at the time of sanctioning of the plans or thereafter and shall before handing over possession of the Apartment to Allottee, obtain from the concerned authority occupancy certificate in respect of the Apartment.
OWNER AGREES. 1. To give the AGENT the following authority and agrees to assume all expenses connected with the items contained within b, c & d.