Contracted Capacity definition

Contracted Capacity means the capacity (in MW AC) contracted with MSEDCL for supply by the successful bidder at the Delivery Point from the Solar Power Project.
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Contracted Capacity means the AC capacity of the project at the generating terminal(s) and contracted with MSEDCL for supply from the Solar Power Project which shall be equal to (Insert MW).
Contracted Capacity means the A.C capacity in MW contracted with SECI for supply by the SPD to SECI at the Delivery Point from the Solar Power Project;

Examples of Contracted Capacity in a sentence

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Power Producer undertakes to sell to Procurer and Procurer undertakes to pay Tariff for all the energy supplied at the Delivery corresponding to Contracted Capacity.

The Power Producer shall be entitled to receive a Tariff of Rs……./kWh [Insert as applicable) for the energy supplied at the Metering Point, subject to Article 9.3, during a Contract Year pertaining to the Contracted Capacity up to Scheduled date of Commissioning.

The commencement of supply of power up to the Contracted Capacity to Procurer no later than the Scheduled Commissioning Date; and continuance of supply of Power throughout the term of agreement.

Procurer agrees to procure Wind Energy up to the Contracted Capacity from the Power Producer as per the terms of this Agreement.

The Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) / Payment on Order Instrument (POI) having validity from the date of submission of PBG / POI until Twenty-Seven (27) months from the Effective Date and of Rs. 8 Lakh/MW to be furnished under this Agreement shall be for guaranteeing the commencement of the supply of power up to the Contracted Capacity within the time specified in this Agreement as per format provided in Schedule 1.

More Definitions of Contracted Capacity

Contracted Capacity means …… [Insert capacity] MW AC contracted with DISCOMs for supply by the Power Producer at the Delivery Point from the Solar Power Project. In any 15 minute time block during the entire term of PPA, the injected power shall not exceed the Contracted AC Capacity as well as the inverter capacity shall not exceed Contracted AC Capacity.
Contracted Capacity means the daily volume of Gas, expressed in 103m3, contracted by a Firm Service Shipper at a specific Receipt Point and for which the Shipper has agreed to pay the Demand Charge in accordance with the terms of a Firm Transportation Service Agreement.
Contracted Capacity means [Insert capacity] MW contracted with ESCOM for supply by the Developer to ESCOM at the Delivery Point from the Solar Power Project
Contracted Capacity means that part of the Capacity which has been reserved by a User or Users pursuant to a contract entered into with the Service Provider.
Contracted Capacity means the Total aggregate capacity in MWp, proposed to be allocated by Railways to the Successful Bidder through this bidding process as per terms and conditions specified therein.
Contracted Capacity means the net capacity of power (in MW) contracted between the Seller and the Procurer at the Interconnection Point as provided in the Selected Bid as per Error! Reference source not found. of this RFP;
Contracted Capacity means the power (AC) in MW contracted between the Hydro Power Developer and the PSPCL at the interconnection point/ metering point.