Definition of Technical Development

Technical Development means the process development activities, other than clinical studies or supporting pre-clinical studies, which directly relate to the technical development of the Original Product, Line Extension or an Improved Product that has been included into this Agreement in accordance with Section 2.4.

Examples of Technical Development in a sentence

The appropriate index will be identified by Technical Development.
As part of such notification, Targacept shall provide the JDC with a reasonably detailed description of such Material Unexpected Technical Development Problem, together with its good faith belief as to the steps necessary to complete such Targacept Development Activity, if practicable at all, in light of such Material Unexpected Technical Development Problem.
Wink agrees to provide DIRECTV with Technical Development Fees, as compensation for DIRECTV's technical development and support of Interactive Wink Programs, in the amount of [ * ] due and payable on the Measurement Date, as defined in Section 2, above.
The Parties acknowledge that scientific publications must be strictly monitored to prevent any adverse effect from premature publication of results of the Parties activities hereunder including under any Technical Development, Fcab Discovery Plan or mAb2 Development Plan.
For the purposes of this Agreement, the term "Technical Development Matter" shall mean any dispute concerning a Party's refusal to approve a clinical trial proposed pursuant to Section 2.6(b).