Definition of Technical Development

Technical Development means any invention, discovery, composition, enhancement, technology, advancement, know-how, process, data, device, machine, material, software or any other information arising from the Program, including any such development protectable by patent, copyright, or other protection under the law and in which a Party has an ownership interest.

Examples of Technical Development in a sentence

Susan Nelson, principal of Technical Development Corporation, will facilitate and advise the process, with funding as required from the Foundation Funders.
The bulk reject is subsequently sent to CIDT (Center for Investigation and Technical Development) of Penoles in Torreon, Mexico for metallurgical testing where a fourth assay for each sample is analyzed and a calculated head grade is received on the basis of a concentrate balance.
The appropriate index will be identified by Technical Development.
If to Executive, to: If to the Company, to: 123 Focheng West Road Jiangning Economic & Technical Development Zone Nanjing, PRC 211100 Facsimile: +86 (25) 5276-6882 Attention: Lu Tingxiu with a copy to: Latham & Watkins LLP 41/F One Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central Facsimile: (852) 2522-7006 Attention: David T.
As part of such notification, Targacept shall provide the JDC with a reasonably detailed description of such Material Unexpected Technical Development Problem, together with its good faith belief as to the steps necessary to complete such Targacept Development Activity, if practicable at all, in light of such Material Unexpected Technical Development Problem.