Commercial Development Plan definition

Commercial Development Plan means the written commercialization plan attached as Appendix E.
Commercial Development Plan means the phased plan to be prepared and submitted by the Developer to the Nodal Officer / Authority giving a stage wise description of the construction development operation, maintenance, marketing and sub leasing of Commercial Development Assets (together with the rights to utilise the Commercial Development Project Utilities) of Commercial Development Project;
Commercial Development Plan means that Commercial Development Plan for the development and marketing of LICENSED LTC T CELL PRODUCTS attached at Exhibit B hereto.

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Deviations without the above described approval will constitute a violation of permit approval.The project description is as follows:The project allows for a Commercial Development Plan and Parcel Map on the parcels currently identified by Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 070-280-62 and 070-280-63.

Licensee shall amend the Commercial Development Plan and Benchmarks at the request of PHS to address any Licensed Fields of Use not specifically addressed in the plan originally submitted.

PHS shall not unreasonably withhold approval of any request of Licensee to extend the time periods of this schedule if the request is supported by a reasonable showing by Licensee of diligence in its performance under the Commercial Development Plan and toward bringing the Licensed Products to the point of Practical Application as defined in 37 CFR §404.3(d).

In the annual report, Licensee may propose amendments to the Commercial Development Plan, acceptance of which by PHS may not be denied unreasonably.

This Commercial Development Plan is hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

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Commercial Development Plan means the plan for development of LICENSED COMMERCIAL SEED to be adopted in accordance with Subsection 4.4(a) of this LICENSE AGREEMENT as the same may be amended from time to time in accordance with Section 4 of this LICENSE AGREEMENT.
Commercial Development Plan means the written commercialization plan including related exhibits, schedules, and agreements attached as Appendix F.
Commercial Development Plan is defined in Section 6.1 (Commercial Development Plan) below.
Commercial Development Plan. The Licensee will develop, manufacture and market the immunotherapy product PANVAC® and other Vaccine candidates such as Brachyury containing vaccine for therapy of breast, non-small cell lung and other cancers within the Licensed Field of Use. Steps followed by Licensee to develop and commercialize PANVAC and other Vaccine candidates such as Brachyury containing vaccine are summarized below: [***] · OTT license reference number (L-XXX-200X/0) · Reporting period · Catalog number and units sold of each Licensed Product (domestic and foreign) · Gross Sales per catalog number per country · Total Gross Sales · Itemized deductions from Gross Sales · Total Net Sales · Earned Royalty Rate and associated calculations · Gross Earned Royalty · Adjustments for Minimum Annual Royalty (MAR) and other creditable payments made · Net Earned Royalty due 1 A US 250 62,500 1 A UK 32 16,500 1 A France 25 15,625 2 B US 0 0 3 C US 57 57,125 4 D US 12 1,500 Total Gross Sales 153,250 Less Deductions: Freight 3,000 Returns 7,000 Total Net Sales 143,250 Royalty Rate 8 % Royalty Due 11,460 Less Creditable Payments 10,000 The NIH encourages our licensees to submit electronic funds transfer payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Submit your ACH payment through the U.S. Treasury web site located at: Locate the “NIH Agency Form” through the “Agency List”.
Commercial Development Plan means a written plan submitted by Licensee describing the details of how and when Licensee will commercially develop and exploit the Licensed Technologies, attached hereto in Appendix A, and as updated pursuant to Section 6.2 of the Agreement.
Commercial Development Plan means the written plan to be developed by the Parties for development of the Designated Assays into the Commercial LDTs.
Commercial Development Plan means the plan for development and marketing for CLINICAL PRODUCTS set forth in Exhibit E.